Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Devotionals for the Heart: A relief for heavy burdens

When burdens are heavy…
A devotional by Melissa Henderson

“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” 
~Luke 22:42 NIV

Easter is quickly approaching. Preparations are being made in homes and in places of worship across the world. From Lenten services to special sermons to travel plans and more, many people are thinking about Easter. Some folks are planning family activities for Spring break from school. New outfits and shiny shoes are displayed in store windows. Candy and colorful baskets overflow store shelves. Others are thinking about a delicious meal to serve on Easter Sunday.

Yet, in all the rush and hurry to get everything just right, I pray we will remember the events surrounding Easter Sunday and the special glorious truth that Christ is Risen.

On the day and evening of Christ’s suffering and death, He endured more than we could ever bear and yet, He suffered for us, for our transgressions. The details given in the Bible are read over and over and each time our hearts break for what He experienced. Just imagining the pain and heartache overwhelms us.

Tears flow from our eyes as the story is read aloud. Thinking of the pain and anguish of His family and friends is heartbreaking. We watch movies depicting the events of His time on the cross and afterward.

Scripture tells us through all His suffering, Jesus knew God’s will was best. At the hardest point, Jesus asked His Father to take the cup from Him. He was asking God to take away the suffering if God was willing. Even while asking for the cup to be taken away, for the suffering to end, Jesus accepted God’s will, not His own.

How often do we beg God to take a heavy burden away? Do we fall on our knees and ask for His mercy? Are we ready to accept His answer? The answer to taking away the burdens from us might be yes, no, or not now. When prayers are not answered right away or the answer is something totally unexpected, how do we react? Do we say, “Thank You, God. Your will be done”? Or do we simply continue without considering His plan for us is always best? Think of a past time when the burden was heavy and the way out seemed impossible. How did you approach God?

When burdens are heavy and our hearts are sad, God is holding us in His loving arms. HIs mercies are new each day. Call to Him. He is waiting for you. God is waiting to comfort us during our burden filled times.

Let us remember through all our trials that God is an awesome God. His will is best is every circumstance, no matter what we are facing. If we are not happy with His answer, remember He loves us and He always has a plan for us. We may not know the plan and may never know the plan. We do know God is always with us. He loves us forever.

This Easter, share the love of God with family, friends, and strangers. You just might be lightening the burden of someone who is waiting for the answer.

Christ is Risen!

Author Bio:
Melissa Henderson and her husband Alan live in South Carolina.

Married for over 38 years, they have one son (Mike) who is married to daughter-in-love (Christine) and now are blessed by precious grandson (Rowan).

Melissa was taught the love of reading and writing at an early age from her parents. She is now working on her first inspirational fiction novel.

Her passions are volunteering, Bible Studies and reading and writing. Connect with Melissa online,


  1. Great post, Melissa! An important reminder of the reason for the season!

  2. Excellent devotional! "His will is best is every circumstance, no matter what we are facing." Amen!

  3. Thank you all for your comments. We are blessed to be loved and cherished by God. :-)


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