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Fall into Love: Gail's story

Forever Kind of Love

A Fall into Love story by Gail Gaymer Martin

More than thirty years ago, at a church-hall dance for the widowed or divorced, I sat with friends waiting for the country dances to begin. A man stood near the beverage table, and curious, I walked there for a soda. As I passed him, I said hello, and we talked. He was alone, and it was his first time at a singles event. I invited him to sit at our table, and he did.

I liked him right away. He was funny and made me laugh. He loved family, especially his two kids, he was musically talented which is important to me and was a churchgoer—to my surprise, the same denomination as I am. I couldn’t believe my ears. He wanted to visit my church to hear me sing with the choir, but he could only come on Sundays that he didn’t have his children since he wanted them in their Sunday school. I was touched. Here was a man who didn’t try to impress a woman, but let her know his kids and their church was a priority. He got me at that moment.

He did visit my church where he also met my mom. He took me to breakfast afterward, and his personality and values made a huge impression. That day I knew I could marry this man. Later my mom said, “Don’t get me wrong, but you were like an old married couple. You’re comfortable together and seem to click.” Mom was right.

We’d met in September, and before Christmas, we were dating exclusively. I was head over heels, and he felt the same. When things looked serious, we wanted each other to meet our dearest friends, so I planned a Chinese dinner and did all the cooking, and we each invited a few of our closest friends.

Before dinner, my friend Bernice said she’d brought some fortune cookies, and I was delighted that she had. The other couple brought a bottle of champagne as a hostess gift.

After dinner, Bernice distributed the fortune cookies. When she finished, each person read the messages inside. When I opened mine, it said, “This house will be filled with happiness,” an appropriate message for me, surrounded by friends and the man I knew I wanted as my husband. When I broke off a corner of the cookie, Bob watched, and I sensed he wanted me to do something, but I was at a loss.

Instead, I continued to nibble the cookie. When it was nearly gone, I felt something suspicious in the corner. I said “yuck” and pulled out a piece of tissue fearing what was inside.

Bob leaned closer. “What is it?”

I shrugged and didn’t want to open it. But he encouraged me, seeming as curious as I was repulsed. When I pulled off the tissue paper, a beautiful solitaire diamond ring fell into my hand. “Someone lost their ring in this cookie.”

Everyone talked, but Bob shook his head and grinned. The truth struck me. “It’s a…an engagement ring.” Tears of joy rolled from my eyes. I had no idea and neither did anyone else except my friend with the cookies. I saw that I wasn’t the only one with tears. Everyone rushed to us with hugs and handshakes.

Bob hurried to get glasses and the bottle of champagne. With a loud thwack, the cork flew up and bounced off the ceiling, leaving a small dark indentation in the plaster. We laughed and then our best friends joined in a toast to our engagement.

A number of years later, Bob decided to paint the dining room. I looked up at the dark spot and hated to see it vanish, but the ceiling needed paint with all our new decorating.

Bob tackled the job, and days later I found the courage to look up at the ceiling. My heart danced. He had painted around the dent. When I let out a cry, he came in to see what had happened. I pointed to the ceiling. “You left the spot.”

He grinned, then drew me into his arms and kissed me. I fell in love all over again.

Author Bio:

Multi-award-winning novelist, Gail Gaymer Martin is the author of Christian contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and women’s fiction with 68 published novels and four million books sold. CBS local news listed Gail as one of the four best writers in the Detroit area.

Her books have received numerous awards, including the ACFW Carol Award, Romantic Times Reviewer Choice, Booksellers Best, National Readers Choice, Holt Medallion, Award of Excellence.

Gail is a founder of American Christian Fiction Writers, a member of Advanced Speakers and Writers, and Christian Authors Network. She is a keynote speaker at churches, civic and business organizations and presents workshops at conferences across the country.

Gail was a lifetime resident of Michigan until moving to Sedona, Arizona.

Book Blurb for Autumn's Fresh Beginning:

In high school, Derek Randolph, a bungling, chunky sophomore and her best friend’s brother was the bane of Jessany Cosette’s senior year. 

When Meg convinces her to return to town for their high school’s centennial celebration, she agrees and finds herself staying in Derek’s home with Meg. But to her shock, Derek has become a handsome hunk with a killer smile and a newscaster on TV. 

Derek can’t believe the skinny string bean friend of Meg’s has become a gorgeous woman. Yet past memories remain for Jess and old friend’s won’t let it go. Even though she agrees to appear as Derek’s girlfriend to aid his possible promotion, can her growing feelings survive the past that she can’t forget?

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  1. What a sweet cover! I want to read this story.

  2. I love the change of temperature in Autumn. Although since moving to SC from VA, my husband and I are learning to adjust to warmer temperatures.

  3. That is just a beautiful love story! What would have happened if you had never asked that young man to join your table?? Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. What a beautiful story. Special moments that last a lifetime. Jane.

  5. First I have to say that the fortune cookie story was great!! I love to see the beautiful colors of the leaves in fall, feel the brisk mornings, and best of all, make homemade apple cider or apple crisps, muffins, pies, etc. Thanks for sharing your fun story! lelandandbeckyATreaganDOtcom

  6. Thanks everyone. My husband is amazing and does sweet things like he did painting around the cork spot. It's just natural to him. Plus he's very

    funny. He makes me laugh all the time with his unexpected comments. So glad you enjoyed the story of our meeting and the proposal. As you can tell, he's A keeper.

  7. The fall colors feed my soul and comfort me as I know cold weather is coming!

  8. I began reading the post only seeing the name Gail. Gail who? I kept reading. Ooo, aaah, it's Gail Gaymer Martin! Only a sensitive, caring man would design such a romantic way to present the engagement ring. Better yet, he didn't paint over the cork spot. I'm so happy for you, Gail.

  9. I'm anxious to see who wins the free copy of Autumn's Fresh Beginning.


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