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Book Review: The Wedding Shop

Book Review: The Wedding Shop
Author: Rachel Hauck
Reviewed by: Alexis A. Goring

Between my paperback copies and my Kindle, I own hundreds of books. So when Fiction Guild sent this book to me, I thought I'd simply read it first then give it away because space is limited on my bookshelves. But as I turned the pages of The Wedding Shop by Rachel Hauck, I grew attached to the main characters as the author drew me as a reader into the story. By the time I reached the final page, I knew that I wanted to keep this book.

The Wedding Shop is a story about love lost/regained and restoration. It is told on a dual timeline with characters from the early 1900s and the late ‘90’s. Cora is the heroine of the past. Haley is the heroine of the present.

As the reader journeys with the characters, they get to know the hopes, dreams and deepest desires of these heroines. The reader may love the way that the hero and heroine—past and present—meet and fall in love. The reader may also be surprised by the plot twists positioned perfectly throughout this story. The author writes in a way that’s solid, engaging and keeps the reader guessing and turning the page to see what happens next.

As a reader, I was surprised by the way Cora’s true love was discovered. There were moments when I was happy for Cora, sad for Cora and filled with joy for her own love story as it unfolded. I liked Haley from the start. She’s spunky, wise, sweet, loyal, and very much a person who believes in working hard for your dreams to come true. I was delighted to see how the author handled Haley’s heart when it came to finding her own happily ever after.

The heroes—past and present—were strong, reliable, romantic and hardworking not just in their career, but in their pursuit of their love interest’s heart. The author carefully thought out and described their motivation and upped the ante on the conflict throughout this story.

The Wedding Shop is a story that’s timeless because of the universal themes of faith, love, hope and disappointment that are so carefully and brilliantly woven throughout this book.

This book deserves a five-star rating and the author deserves an award! I’d recommend this book to women and men who need encouragement to follow their dreams, trust God with their heart and never give up on finding—and keeping—true love.

*Fiction Guild sent a complimentary copy of this book to Alexis A. Goring, in exchange for an honest review.

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