Sunday, July 31, 2016

Book Review: The Scent of Rain

The Scent of Rain
Book written by Kristin Billerbeck
Review written by Alexis A. Goring

If ever there was a song to perfectly describe Kristin Billerbeck’s book, The Scent of Rain, it would be “Bless the Broken Road” performed by Selah.

The Scent of Rain is the story of Daphne Sweeten, otherwise known as “the nose.” She earned her title because of her exemplary work in the perfume making business. She was able to identify any scent, anywhere and liken it to honeysuckle or any other natural element from nature. But when the man of her dreams breaks her heart, leaving her at the altar, dressed in a designer gown on her wedding day, the trauma sabotages her sense of smell. She goes from differentiating from hundreds of scents to smelling…nothing. It is a devastating realization for Daphne and she starts to retreat from the world. If it weren’t for her best friend Sophie and her new boss with a big heart, along with a few other special people who she meets along the way, she may have ceased to exist.

Sophie is, a professional psychologist, is the voice of reason for Daphne throughout this book. Jesse, Daphne’s big-hearted boss, saves her life more than once in this story. Surrounded by new settings (Dayton, Ohio), new colleagues at her new job (Gibraltar Products) and a few people who genuinely care about her, Daphne starts to rebuild her life.

But by no means is it easy! She left her dream job in Paris, France to move to America and marry who she thought was her dream man. But after Daphne’s love life seemingly ends forever when her man doesn’t show up to their wedding, a new day for Daphne dawns as a result, and slowly but surely, she comes full circle in her internal and external journey.

The Scent of Rain is a delightful, skillfully written story! I enjoyed every page, loved every (good) character, despised the character who caused Daphne pain, laughed at Sophie’s sense of reality laced with humor and “smelled” the scent of rain! All thanks to Kristin Billerbeck’s engaging writing style and her editors who really made this story flow.

Honestly, The Scent of Rain reminded me of a movie! A movie that I have not seen but would love to! Seriously, this book needs to be born again on the big screen. I believe that I would touch and inspire so many people not just because of the brilliant storytelling, but because of the way that threads of faith are weaved throughout this beautiful story of hope and redemption.

The Scent of Rain reminds me of how God never gives up on us. It shows me how His “perfect love casts out fear” and it gives me hope that no matter what you may face in life, there’s always going to be a better day when you trust in the Lord.

Five stars and a big “bravo” for Kristin Billerbeck for writing such a lovely story that’s relatable, riveting and sweet.

*The author provided Alexis A. Goring with a complimentary copy of "The Scent of Rain" in exchange for an honest review of her book. 

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  1. It's been a while since I read this, but I thought it was excellent as well. Such an original premise, and the story was great.


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