Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thankful Thursday: Serving A God Who I Can Trust

It's Thursday and I'm thankful that I serve a God who I can trust. There are a lot of things in my life right now that are uncertain and I'm facing a future that is unknown. BUT I take refuge and solace in God's Word (The Holy Bible). I know that I can trust my "unknown future to a known God" as Corrie Ten Boom so famously said.

I'd like to share this song by Lauren Daigle with you. It's about trusting God no matter what happens in life. I hope that it will encourage your heart.

God bless you!



P.S._ Here's the song:

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  1. Alexis! This is my third time trying to post this comment. I've been dealing with a lot lately and you have no idea how this helped me. I actually went directly to iTunes and purchased this entire album and I have been listening to it everyday for the past few days. Thank you so much for sharing.


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