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Love is in the Air: Love Is the Story

Davalynn Spencer is not a stranger to this blog but I expect you, my wonderful readers, to welcome her again with the same enthusiasm as before because she brings good news in her latest devotional written for my blog.

Read on for an inspiring message from Davalynn's heart to yours! :)

Love Is the Story
A guest post written by Davalynn Spencer

There’s nothing like love—not that we get it right all the time. Or even clearly understand what it is. But we go after it, don’t we? We long for it, cling to it, pine for it when it fades.

Then again, in our language that word “love” covers many different aspects: emotion, choice, passion, sacrifice.

I believe the most succinct and purest observation about this life-giving phenomenon was penned nearly 2,000 years ago:

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
~ I Cor. 13:13 NIV

Feels like a three-fold cord to me, with love comprising the strongest thread. I like that.

From my earliest stories written as a sixth-grader to my most recent book contracted with Barbour Publishing, my theme has been love and a person’s need of it.

You remember “need” – that big, sucking vacuum in your life that leaves you standing on the edge, toes gripping as you gaze into the abyss.

Well, I’m here to tell you, God’s provision for your needs can take your breath away.

When I work on one of my inspirational Western romances – whether contemporary or historical – I work to show love between not just the hero and heroine, but among family members and between God and His children. The foundation for this construction is that three-fold concept of faith, hope, and love.

Unfortunately, the phrase is so common it’s cliché. But evidence abounds to the truth attached to these words.

During a difficult time of adjustment following a debilitating accident to a loved one, the Lord reminded me that “the greatest of these is love.” Loving my family member was all I could do. And it turned out to be what he really wanted most of all.

Our everyday lives are full of painful situations that don’t always have happily-ever-after endings. However, through the power of story, we often find the faith and hope that enables us to believe in and pursue the greatest element—love.

A recent letter from a reader of my Love Inspired | Heartsong Presents books helped me see that my approach was working:

“… and please keep inspiring people like me to be closer to the Lord.”

This reader had enjoyed three of my historical romance books, yet came away wanting to walk closer to the Lord. That’s why I write about love.

I’m glad love is the story God gave me to write. And I’m glad it’s the recurring story in His book – unconditional love without end.

Author bio:
Davalynn Spencer writes inspirational Western romance complete with rugged cowboys, their challenges, and their loves. Her work has finaled for the Inspirational Reader's Choice Award, the Selah, and the Holt Medallion. 

Davalynn teaches writing at Pueblo Community College and at various writing workshops. She and her own handsome cowboy make their home on Colorado’s Front Range with a Queensland heeler named Blue. 

Connect with Davalynn online at and


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