Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Precious Time

It’s Thursday and I’m thankful for the gift of time because it is precious. 

I learned earlier this week that a classmate of mine from my college years died. David was barely 30. He lived a full life, working as a press secretary in Washington, D.C. and brand architect who helped many people in influential circles improve their look and life. In his short time here on Earth, God blessed David with many “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunities and he took it, not only did he take it, he SOARED! When people talk about taking an organization to “the next level” that was David. He was a true businessman. But at such a young age, during his travels in Ghana, Africa he died. The exact details and cause of David’s death I have not heard but the loss of his life has impacted not only his family but his friends, colleagues and former classmates (such as me). 

After hearing this sad news, I realized I do not want to live a life full of regrets or spend time wondering “What if”? I am resolved from this moment forward to enjoy all God blesses me with in this life, praise Jesus Christ through the trials and all circumstances and to be honest about how I feel because life is short and you never know when it’s your time to die. 

Maybe you’re reading today’s post and are mourning the loss of a loved one. Or maybe you’re facing real GIANTS in your life—obstacles that are so intimidating that you are overwhelmed and at a loss for words. Or maybe you’re at a point where you’re not only questioning God’s sovereignty and His promise to provide for your every need but you’re wondering if there even is a Lord Jesus Christ because surely a loving God would not allow you to go through such pain and suffering, right? I know what you’re thinking because I’ve been there, in fact I believe most of us are at that place at least once in our lifetime. So I want to encourage you today with words from a devotional which focuses on the Bible story of a man named Job who suffered unspeakable loss and calamity of what he owned and who he loved all at once. His friends discouraged him, his wife told him to “curse God and die” (Job 2:9), his skin broke out in terrible sores (Job 2:7)... but at the end of his pain, God came through with His promise and restored Job’s life with “twice as much as he had before” (Job 42:10). 

According to the Feb. 19 lesson writer for the Adult Bible Study Guide, "Job did not understand, and neither do we when we face such catastrophic losses. Although God spoke to Job, He did not provide the answer to Job’s questions, nor did He explain the cause of what happened. He simply reminded Job that there were things beyond his knowledge and that he would have to trust God, which Job did. Our experience is often similar; we may not receive an answer to our questions. But the story of Job does give us important insight into the nature of evil, and it shows us that God is not unaware of the struggles that we face." 

So dearest of hearts, today I challenge you to press on, have the faith in God and even when you do not understand and cannot trace the hand of God in your situation, persevere like Job. Trust God will work a miracle in your life when you need it most. And as for those “giants” in your life? Here’s a word with a picture to remember: 

My personal choice from this moment forward is to focus on GOD and trust HIM to make my “giants” TUMBLE! 

And I encourage you to Have FAITH in GOD because HE will NEVER fail! 

God bless you! 



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