Sunday, November 25, 2012

Introducing Guest Blogger Gerdine Dalambert

Gerdine Dalambert is a friend of mine who I met when visiting WGTS Gateway Fellowship which is an interfaith gathering that introduces people to Jesus Christ and reconnects them to the love of God while teaching them to have love for others. Gerdine has written in a journal since she was 8-year-old however it was not until a few years ago that she decided to write for others in the public sphere. So when I asked Gerdine to write a guest post about being single during the holiday season, to my delight, she agreed! 

Without further ado, here is Gerdine’s first guest post for my blog: 

Holiday Singles 

Written by Gerdine Dalambert 

The holiday season is upon us. It is a time of singing Christmas carols, decking the halls, and being around mistletoe
 while enjoying great food with friends and family. But being single can prevent your mingle if you know what I am saying. 

As a single woman, I have made some assumptions based on my observations during this time of year in my singleness. Singleness is not embraced during the holiday season and it seems that no one is talking about what it is like and how to prevent any side effects if you will, on being a “holiday single”.

Thanksgiving is usually the toughest because if you are away from home, there are many places you can go to enjoy the holiday, but no matter how much fun you try to have, home is missed. There is nothing wrong with taking a moment to remember what things were like at home if they are sweet memories. However, if going to spend Thanksgiving with friends is what will give some gratitude, don’t let it be spoiled by a negative attitude. There is no law that says one cannot be alone to be reflective on Thanksgiving.

If you plan to spend time with family, you have to gear up. We love family but they love us so much that we have to be ready to experience that love. Let me explain: There are family members who love us so much that they think we need to be with a mate in order to be happy on the holidays. The best way to gear up is to be humorous. When Aunt Sally says, “When will you introduce this special person?,” your response can be, “Let’s place an order and see if we can get one by New Year’s.”

Christmas is a great time for singles that go out on dates and have a great time. If you’re looking for a date, it does not have to be Mr. or Mrs. Right. He or she needs to be right for the moment. Go out on your own! Be confident in your singleness! There is nothing more radiant than embracing what you are right now! Exercise is great during this time. You are so bright with goodness, you sparkle from the ornament of your heart. Do something you have never done. The best way to tackle the tantrums of emotions during this time is to stay busy and take time for self. Spend time with Jesus—He is the reason for the season. Can I get an Amen?

The New Year can mean a new you! The status of being single on the holiday means everything is about you. Not in a narcissistic way but indulge, be merry, reflect, and take action! Resolve to be in love with who you are and be open to whatever life has in store for you. Society’s subliminal message that you are not complete in your singleness is false! You are a family, I see it as I am a family all on my own: me, myself, and I. Adding others to my family of me is like adding whip cream to my caramel covered latte of pure sensation. So if you are single during this holiday season, enjoy this time in your life! It is all about love and you deserve to love yourself as you are because you are perfectly you! Happy holidays!


Author biography: Gerdine Dalambert works at John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center as a chaplain. Prior to that, she was trained at Lesley University and Loyola University Maryland. Writing is a hobby which she sees as a change agent because she wants to inspire others with her work. 

Recently Gerdine published Journeys of Butterfly Chloe, a children’s book, with Xlibris. The book is available for purchase through and promotional items can be bought at


  1. I completely agree with this idea of embracing singleness. It is while we learn to appreciate ourselves, because of Christ's love within us and accepting God's love for us, can we learn to love enjoying the holidays as a single.

  2. What a beautiful message to counteract the lonely effects that the holidays bring. I wholeheartedly agree :) Singleness is a precious opportunity to become familiar with oneself. Thank you Gerdine for this reaffirmation!


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