Monday, April 9, 2012

Sparrow love

Dear friends,

God's eye is on the sparrow and He is watching you!

What does that mean?

It means that if God takes care of the sparrows providing their every meal and need, how much more can you rest assure that He will take care of you providing your rent money, your significant other, your healthy friendships, your dream job, your transportation, your daily blessings such as waking up in the morning to having the peace of mind to sleep at night.

God is good, dear friends, ALL the time, God is GOOD. :) May His blessings fill your heart and uplift your spirits to soar like a sparrow and trust Him like sheep trust their shepherd. May you experience the fullness of His love, his mercies and his endless compassion for, tomorrow and always!




  1. Beautiful post! Hopped over from Annie Blogs today and really enjoying what you've written.

  2. Hi Sarah!

    Welcome to my blog! :) Thanks for visiting after finding me on Annie's site! I'm happy that you liked the post "Sparrow Love"! :) You're welcome to return at anytime and leave another comment! :) I'm hopping over to your blog now...


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