Saturday, February 18, 2012

Live for today

Dear friends,

February 11, 2012 was a sad day for many professional music artists and fans as one of their best performers, Whitney Houston, died tragically at the age of 48. The death of recording artist/actress Whitney Houston sent shock waves around the world. 
People who never met her but adored her work and music, felt the deep pain of losing someone who they have always loved. One of those people is me. "Whitney Houston was one of my favorite artists," I found myself telling family and friends. "She's on my list of famous people who I wanted to meet. I hope I meet her in heaven."

It took a message on GodTube to open my eyes to a greater purpose. I'd like to share the video with you then explain what I mean after you've viewed it. Here's the video:

Alive (Natalie Grant) from worshiphousemedia on GodTube.

After viewing this video, I was reminded of the greatest person to ever have lived, walked, breathed and ministered on this Earth-- Jesus Christ is His Name. He's my Lord, Savior, Redeemer and Truest Friend. When life on Earth comes to an end, JESUS is the One I want to meet when He comes again in those great clouds of glory to usher His faithful followers into eternity.

I loved Whitney Houston for her God-given singing voice and artistic talent but I am reminded that it's not the created (Whitney or anyone else I have admired) that I need to be giving praise and adoration to-- it's JESUS Christ, the Creator of Life. At the end of the day, it's JESUS who gives us the peace of mind to sleep and the breath of life to awake each morning, rise up and go about our day. It's JESUS who died for us and was resurrected (on what most people in America like to call "Easter Sunday") in order to serve as our High Priest in Heaven. He is our Mediator between God and humankind. HE is my HERO. And of course, He's at the very top of my list of people I want to meet! :)

My prayer for you is that your hearts will be filled with the love of God through the gift of His Son Jesus Christ and if you haven't already, you will make things right with God. The Bible says "tomorrow is not promised" (Matthew 6:34), so let's make the most of today. :)

God bless you always, dear hearts!




  1. I hope you can meet her in heaven one day also. It is very, very sad that her life ended so quickly.

    1. Yes, it a sad story. Why do so many legendary stars die these tragic deaths that to the world seem too soon? But the good news is that we serve a risen Savior and Lord who has promised to return to Earth to take His faithful followers home (as described in the book of Revelation and of course, in the Bible verse I've based this blog on, John 3:16 :). So I use tragedies like this to remind me that I need to live right because I want to see my loved ones again...I want to remain one of God's faithful followers so I'm ready when He comes to usher us into eternity. :) Eternity is going to be filled with new adventures, discovery, knowledge, love and most importantly, time spent with God in the presence of the King of the Universe. Can't wait! :)

  2. Yes yes yes. I don't think enough, "Jesus is my hero." But it's true. Beautifully written. Thank you.

    1. Hi Annie!

      I am honored that you took time to write a message to me on my blog! Yay! :) You're an inspiration! I admire how you transitioned from a career in Education (I taught for two years) to travel independently across the ocean (you are brave) to landing your own book deal with a notable company like Zondervan! I can't wait to read your book! :)Hopefully in God's timing, you will read my books too! :) So thank you for commenting on my blog and for the beautiful commentary/encouragement to my writing. God bless you! :)


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