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25 Days of Christmas Stories: Annabelle's Angel

Welcome to this interview with Therese M. Travis, author of Annabelle’s Angel!

Therese's book is a sweet holiday romance featuring a guy and a girl who are both searching for something real, a love that's lasting. Will they find what they're looking for in God and perhaps each other?

You'll have to buy and read Therese's book for the answers! :) Meanwhile, you can enjoy her author interview AND you can enter the book giveaway contest via the Rafflecopter widget toward the end of the interview, for your chance to WIN a .pdf copy of Annabelle's Angel!

*Words by Alexis are in bold, words from Therese are not in bold

Alexis: Annabelle’s Angel is a nice title for a holiday story. What inspired it?

Therese: First, the story as a whole was inspired by my effort to distract my best friend. I asked her to give me some names for a Christmas story, she wanted Rick and Annabelle, and since Rick came in as a sort of angel for Annabelle, and her sister truly believes he is one, it just worked out organically. (And my ruse distracted my friend, as well, she flourished, and everything is good).

Who is Annabelle Archer and why is her crush Rick Stockton and not another guy? What makes Rick special to Annabelle?
First, she sees him in church and she admires his looks as well as his devotion. Then, he’s coach for her brothers, and is always willing to help. He’s kind, funny, thoughtful, and most important, all her brothers and sisters like him.

Who is Rick Stockton and what makes him worthy of Annabelle’s love?

All the things I mentioned above, plus the fact that he really is searching, not only for the right woman, the right family, but also, for God—for more of God. He’s willing to let God lead him.

What is it about Annabelle that captures Rick’s interest? Is there hope for a holiday romance between these two characters? Why or why not?

She’s shy, so much so that he never noticed her—until two of the kids on the team he coaches, who happen to be her brothers, get his attention. Then he finds a hidden treasure. Both Rick and Annabelle need to deal with issues, but really, don’t they seem made for each other? They just have to figure it out.

What role do Annabelle’s six siblings play in the matchmaking process?

Her siblings are the ultimate matchmakers. Before either Rick or Annabelle figure it out, these kids see what they need to do and do it.

What role does Annabelle’s faith in God play into this story? Who is the angel that helps Annabelle? Describe the story behind-the-scenes.

Annabelle has a lot to deal with—guilt, growing up too soon, taking care of responsibilities that shouldn’t be hers. And she deals with these stresses by hiding herself from the world and from herself. She has great faith—as long as it doesn’t require her to step out of her comfort zone. But God is often about pushing us out of that zone. A lot of her angels—the matchmakers, the match, even her grandmother—play a role in her growth. And she’s able to step out because of her faith.

How old are Rick and Annabelle? Do they both long for marriage and children? Why or why not?

They are both in their mid-twenties—old enough to go into marriage responsibly, young enough to not really know what they’re doing. They need to do in order to figure it out. And yes, both long for marriage and children—and both believe it’s not meant for them.

What role does your personal belief in God play into your storytelling?

Even when I write something that’s not specifically “Christian”, my faith informs my choices, my ideas. It permeates my life and so, my writing. I believe God loves us, I believe in that love above all things. He wants the best for us. He will move the earth to show us how to receive that best. He already has….

Why did you choose to set this story at Christmastime?

I love Christmas. For me, because of the choices I make in how I celebrate it, it’s not especially a time of stress, but a time of joy, and I want to share that. It’s not my first Christmas story, nor my last.

What do you want readers to remember the most about Annabelle’s Angel?

I’d love for my readers to have a real sense of comfort and joy as a takeaway. If they remember the story and go back to read it, great. If they remember that God loves them, and will do anything to bring them home, what more could I ask?

Thanks for the interview, Therese! We appreciate your hosting a book giveaway contest today! Please leave a question for my readers to answer. 

What are your favorite Christmas traditions? Would you like to build new ones? What would you choose?

Author bio: 
Therese started writing when she discovered books came from people, around the age of eight.

Short stories and plays followed, and then she discovered Christian fiction, which combined writing stories and God, two of her favorite things.

Book blurb for Annabelle's Angel
Annabelle Archer has been crushing on Rick Stockton for years. And now, when he notices her, it’s only because her brothers and sisters make it impossible for him to miss her. Annabelle still hasn’t decided if God’s will means she spends her life taking care of her six siblings, or if He has more in mind for her.

Rick Stockton doesn’t mind that church activities and Annabelle’s brothers and sisters keep throwing Annabelle and Rick together. He just isn’t sure what it means. But as the kids keep trying to turn Rick into a snow angel—with sugar, baby powder, and more—he’ll work on figuring it out. Spending time with Annabelle’s family gives Rick a longing for one of his own…and an idea to make it happen.

This Christmas, Annabelle may just find there’s a special angel in her corner, one that will stick around for a lifetime.

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