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Worth 1,000 Words: Mrs. Loren Jackson

Featured photo:
Photo credit: Kaitlin Noel Photography, featured bride: Mrs. Loren Jackson
Welcome Loren to the blog today! :) Loren is a professional wedding photographer and today she's here with her husband to talk about what love meant to them on their wedding day and what love means to them now as a happily married couple. 

Loren, who is a dear friend of Kaitlin Noel, will also speak about what love means to her through the lens of her work as a wedding photographer. 

So without further ado, I introduce you to Mrs. Loren Jackson! Take it away, Loren! 

Loren writes about what Love meant to her as a Bride:

Love is dreaming of your wedding day since you were a little girl.

Love is butterflies, excitement, and anticipation.

Love is hearing your soon-to-be husband whisper in your ear “You look beautiful!”

Love is walking down the aisle holding onto your momma, staring at the man you will spend the rest of your life with.

Love is hour long bridal portraits, and your soon-to-be Husband not complaining one time about all the pictures.

Love is your Husband promising not to smash cake in your face, but he does it anyways.

Love is I don’t dance and God gave me You.

Love is celebrating your wedding day with your closest friends, family, and being blessed to have four sets of Grandparents who have been married for 50 plus years. 

Mrs. Loren Jackson writes about what love means to her now as a Wife:

Love means always thinking of your spouse before yourself.

Love is stopping at the gas station for one thing, but bringing home a bag of M&Ms.

Love is getting up in the middle of the night to leave the dogs out, even if it’s not your turn.

Love is going one (or five) steps above just to make their day a little brighter.

Love is random texts throughout the day.

Love is watching a basketball game with your husband, and all you want to do is watch a chick flick.

Love is watching a chick flick, and giving your crying wife a box of tissues.

Love is the soft forehead kisses hello, the hugs good-bye, and the “I miss you” texts while away.

Love is hearing him say “I love you, baby.”

Love is feeling goosebumps race across your body after hearing him say “I love you, baby."

Love is backrubs, encouragement, cuddles, and support.

Love is promising your life to one man. Promising unconditional love through all the good times, and all the dark times. Promising to put your marriage first, and always finding new ways to fall in love.

Love is dreaming big together. It’s looking at house plans, and envisioning that dream home decorated for Christmas, with the pitter patter of little feet running around and giggles filling the air.

Love is forgiveness.

Love is his smile, and his hand to hold.

Love is tears falling as I sit here and type this, and explain just the few things that makes me love my husband more and more everyday.

Love is marrying a man so good to you, you question yourself daily what you did to deserve a man so loving.

Love is my Husband.

Loren writes about Love As A Wedding Photographer:

Love is seeing a nervous but excited Bride putting on her dress.

Love is the white dress, the veil, grandma’s jewelry, and love notes.

Love is the first look and the tears in the Groom’s eyes.

Love is my Brides crying when they see their wedding photos.

Love is capturing memories for not just my Bride and Groom, but for the generations that are to come who can share in those memories, as well!


Joshua (Loren's husband) writes about what love meant to him as the groom:

Love was seeing her for the first time

Love was saying “I do”

Love was making her my wife for the rest of our lives

Mr. Joshua Jackson writes about what love means to him now as Loren's husband:

Love is unconditional

Love is annoying your wife until she is ready to kill you (not really…)

Love is comprise

Love is counting the seconds until you can get home after work to your wife

Love is dreaming together - big and small plans

Love is road trips in the truck

Love is spending time together

Love is going on vacation to new places

Love is movie nights with a bowl of popcorn

Love is tickle fights just to hear her laugh

Photographer bio:
 Photo credit: Courtney Cannon from Cannon Candids Photography
Loren is a Wedding Photographer in Northeast Ohio. She’s a wife and a fur-mommy to two huskies and a Rottweiler. She loves spending her Saturdays with her Brides and their handsome Husbands. Loren strives in giving all her couples wedding photos that will be cherished by future generations.

Learn more about Loren's photography business through her official website, 

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