Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Worth 1,000 Words: Sara Roney of Roneyfield Photography

The featured photo captured by Sara Roney of Roneyfield Photography
Mr. Joe and Mrs. Ashley Rogan share their first kiss as a married couple
Sara's definition of love through the lens of a wedding photographer:

What is love to me through the lens? 

Love is sharing in those irreplaceable moments of our brides and grooms on their magical day, crying with them when they're so happy they don't know what else to do, and being able to be a part of their family and friends who are there to witness these special moments. 

Love to me is being able to CAPTURE those emotional, personal, and physical memories, to be viewed forever.

The bride's definition of love:

Love to me means that my wants, desires, and needs are no longer my own. My husband deserves my everything. Love means giving my all to ensure his happiness is met before my own. Love means that I am complete.

The groom's definition of love:

Love means remembering my vows every day. It means enjoying the easy times and pushing through the hard times. It means never forgetting how that first kiss felt.

Photographer bio: 
My name is Sara Roney. I am an experienced photographer of 14 years now. Continually, I am growing more, learning more, and striving to do and serve better! I love photography! I love serving and being a part of those “irreplaceable moments” that are so special in everyone’s life! It’s a real blessing to bring people happiness by using my talents that God has given me, as well as giving me more opportunities to learn and grow too!

I have always loved photography. Growing up, I was always into art, drawing, and taking pictures. I guess you could say it was a built-in passion that God put on me. I am the eldest of 5 kids, (3 brothers, one sister) and my family was always very supportive of my skills and passions too…and for that, I am extremely thankful! I think it’s very important to be supportive of what your child wants to do with his/her life. They even enrolled me into a painting program with one of the top 5 artists in Maryland, Steve Burdette. That led me to a competition, which one of my paintings won 1st AND 2nd place in the statewide Md. competition! I even got to take one of my paintings to a National Art Competition, too!

I am also a graphic designer by trade…so it's kind of neat to be able to see the photography and the graphic design walk hand in hand too. I'm just grateful for God's blessing on our business/es! We wouldn't be where we are without His favor and guidance! 

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