Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Worth 1,000 Words: Loren Jackson Photography

Photo credit: Loren Jackson Photography
Featured clients: Mr. Justin and Mrs. Stephanie Ray
Loren Jackson returns to the blog today to show us her lovely work as a wedding photographer! She's also speaking about what love means to her through her professional lens.

Loren's clients, Mr. and Mrs. Ray, are featured in the photograph above on their wedding day. Read on for their comments about how they look at love. 

Mrs. Stephanie Ray (the bride) says:

To me love is starting everyday together. Sharing unforgettable moments even if it is the simplest of things. Love is knowing that you can always count on him through toughest of times. Last not but least, love is ending everyday together!

Mr. Justin Ray (the groom) says:

Love is just a word until you find some to give it a definition. Love is facing obstacles and overcoming them together. Love is a short word, easy to spell, hard to define, and impossible to live without.

Loren (the wedding photographer) says:

As a wedding photographer, love is spending the most important day with two people who are about to begin a journey with one another that will impact and shape lives for decades to come. Love is capturing tiny details that help write the couple's love story that is going to be shared with generations to come. Love is 50 years down the road when my Brides can sit down with their granddaughters and flip through their wedding album together telling stories, laughing, and maybe wipe away a couple tears.

Photographer bio:

 Photo credit: Courtney Cannon from Cannon Candids Photography
Loren is a Wedding Photographer in Northeast Ohio. She’s a wife and a fur-mommy to two huskies and a Rottweiler. She loves spending her Saturdays with her Brides and their handsome Husbands. Loren strives in giving all her couples wedding photos that will be cherished by future generations.

Learn more about Loren's photography business through her official website,

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