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Love is in the Air: Why I love writing about love

Erica Vetsch is our special guest today! She's here to talk about why she loves writing about LOVE!

She's also going to share details about her new novel, The Cactus Creek Challenge which will be released to readers on July 1. 

So let's welcome our new guest Erica and make her feel at home by leaving your thoughts about what she has to say, in the comment section.

Why I love writing about love
A guest post written by Erica Vetsch

I love writing about love, about God-honoring, heart-stirring, happily-ever-after love. There is something so satisfying about a man and woman surmounting problems, struggling through difficulties, and realizing they are much better together than apart.

I love to write about the quickening of the heart, the desire to know one another better, to matter to one another above any other person on earth, about the need to be together that comes when you find the person with whom you were meant to share your life.

I love exploring the journey of a hero and heroine who desire to please God first, and who were not necessarily looking for the love of their life, but who found them in an unlikely-gift-from-God place.

I love that writing about people who fall in love means I get to hang out with people who become better versions of themselves by the end of the book.

I love writing about characters transformed by love, first by the love of Christ, then by the love of another person.

I love writing about love that personifies all the aspects of love we are taught about in Scripture. Love that is patient, kind, not envious, not boastful, not proud. Love that honors others and doesn’t seek glory for itself. Love that doesn’t keep score or delight in the downfall of others. Love that is slow to anger, that protects, that is trustful, hopeful, and persevering. Love that never fails.

I love that writing about love reveals the wonder and thrill of my own love story. I love that my heroes all have things in common with my husband, the love of my life. I love that I am inspired to be a better wife to him through writing about love.

I love writing about love.

As a Christian romance novelist, I am aware of the detractors, those who would say I am creating an unrealistic world that makes women discontent with their lives. I contend that reading God-honoring romance is a powerful tool to teach us how to love, about the value we should place on each other. I contend that storytelling is an effective way to reinforce and illustrate principles that we see in Scripture, and that the love between a man and woman is a gift created by God for our edification and enrichment.

I recently attended a wedding, and the pastor in his devotional, pointed out that the bride and groom shared a love that was to be a mirror of the love Christ has for us. That their marriage was a shadow of that great marriage of Christ and His Church. What beautiful pictures of what our love for one another is supposed to be.

I feel privileged to write stories of love and hope, stories that show what love should be and can be, stories that shine a light in dark places.

I LOVE writing about love!

Author bio: 

Erica Vetsch is a transplanted Kansan now residing in Minnesota. She loves history and romance, and is blessed to be able to combine the two by writing historical romances. 

Whenever she’s not immersed in fictional worlds, she’s the company bookkeeper for the family lumber business, mother of two, wife to a man who is her total opposite and soul-mate, and avid museum patron. 

Book blurb for The Cactus Creek Challenge: Anything he can do, I can do better. At least that was what Cassie Bucknell thought before she pinned on Ben Wilder’s badge and took to patrolling the streets of Cactus Creek, Texas. Cassie has been in love with Ben since primer school, but Ben treats her like a little sister. When they are picked to swap jobs for a month as part of the annual Cactus Creek Challenge in their Texas hometown, the schoolhouse is thrown into an uproar, the jail becomes a temporary bank vault, and Cassie and Ben square off in a battle of wills that becomes a battle for their hearts.

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