Thursday, May 9, 2019

Thankful Thursdays: Perfect Timing

It’s Thursday and I’m thankful for God’s perfect timing!

There are many ways that God’s timing is perfect.

Today, I want to talk about situations where God prompts you to do something for someone and that someone says that your timing was perfect because you sent exactly what he or she needed, exactly when they needed it.

Such a situation happened to me earlier this week. While spending “quiet time” with God through prayer and studying The Holy Bible, I read a side note in my True Identity Bible that talked about how God is deep. Here is what the side note said…

He is Deep: The psalmist was in deep despair as his enemies mocked, “Where is your God?” Though in a time of depression, he wisely reminded himself that God isn’t only in the heights; he is also in the depths. “Deep calls to deep…” Perhaps you, like the psalmist, have felt waves of despair sweeping over you, threatening to take you under. Perhaps you feel so down you can’t look up. Learn from the psalmist to remember God and share your feelings with him. When your thoughts take you to deep, dark places, let God take you deep into himself.

Inspired by this message, I typed it into my phone and sent it as a text message to several friends and family who were on my heart. One of my friends wrote a reply to me saying, “Alexis your timing is perfect. Needed this. Thank you! Deep calls to deep.”

As believers in God, both my friend and I know that it wasn’t my timing that was perfect—it was God’s perfect timing!

This is not the first time that God has impressed me to send a message, song, quote or note to someone and they responded saying that the timing of that content was “perfect.” Each time that happens, I thank God for using me to help that person and I remind that person to give glory to God because it was Him who prompted me to send that content in perfect timing.

I’ve also been reminded of the importance of diving into God’s Word (The Holy Bible) on a daily basis because each time I study His Word, He either has a message for me or someone else (or both) and when I share it with the people He’s placed on my heart they often said that the timing was perfect.

I don’t ever want to miss an opportunity to share a message that God’s given me with someone who needs it. I am grateful for God’s perfect timing.

Aren’t you?

Share your stories about situations in your life when God’s timing was perfect. Your testimony will encourage others!

God bless you, dear friends.


Alexis A. Goring
Founder of “God is Love” blog

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