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Devotionals for the Heart: Reasons Why We Are Meant to Walk on Water

Meant to Walk on Water

A devotional by Mirachelle Canada

“But Jesus immediately said to them: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”
“Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.”
“Come,” he said.
Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.” 
~Matthew 14:27-29 (NIV)

Can you imagine it? The sea churning in a maelstrom. The monstrous waves threatening to consume everything. Grown men crying out for their lives. No Jesus in the boat this time. Yet, at the first glimpse of Him, lit up like a Christmas tree on the horizon, Peter believed it was the Lord, so he took a step of faith and called out to Jesus, “Lord, bid me come to you!” Jesus welcomed Peter’s request. Then, like Jesus in the form of mortal man, Peter walked on water. He did the impossible because he believed he could with Jesus.

Several years ago, I first experienced visualization prayer. A pastor, or a priest, reads a scripture passage repetitively while you mediate on it to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal a deeper meaning. You can be an observer, a participant, or a character in the story. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The reading was “Jesus Walking on Water” (Matthew 14:22-33). During the first pass, I immediately visualized standing on the shore. I felt the sand beneath my feet and the water rushing over them. A group of twelve sandal-clad men got into a fishing boat. I was separate from them (an observer) but I could hear them speak and sensed their emotions, especially during the confusion and fear upon seeing Jesus on the water.

During the second pass, I felt a sense of determination and strength. Even as the others cried out for help, I wasn’t afraid. I knew as soon as I saw him it was the Lord. I was seeing through Peter’s eyes (as a character). I stepped out of the boat feeling confident but faltered in the storm’s distractions. I felt the pain of regret as the Lord lifted me from my peril. I embraced the Lord with a love that wanted desperately not to fail him.

In the third pass, the disciples interacted directly with me (as a participant). They sought to protect me in the rising storm. Then, when Peter saw the Lord on the sea, he kneeled and extended his hand to me. As Lord’s voice boomed, “Come!” Peter encouraged me to get out of the boat with, “Now it’s your turn.” As I took his hand he said, “Learn from my mistake.” The following message was even clearer: “Keep your eyes on Jesus!” With a holy boldness I stepped out onto the water. Even as the waves pounded, and the wind roared, I kept my eyes focused on Jesus. I could see a force field of light surrounded him as I approached, and it enveloped me into an orb of incredible peace at his embrace. I felt loved beyond measure.

Like with his disciples, Jesus loves and believes in our abilities so much that He seeks for us to believe that we can do the impossible with Him. “Whatever we ask in faith, it shall be given” (Mark 11:24 NIV). Peter didn’t walk on water alone. He walked on water with Jesus, who gave him the power to do so because of his faith. Jesus wants us to walk on water with him too, by keeping our eyes focused on Him (no matter the situation). Activated by our belief, He can show us what we are capable of through the power of His mercy and love.

Are you in the middle of an impossible situation? Do you need a miracle? See Jesus on the horizon and believe. Take that step of faith. Just as Peter said to me, I encourage you with, “Now it’s your turn [to walk on water]!” You too can learn from his mistake and remember to keep your eyes on Jesus

Then watch your faith in Him ignite His power within you to do the impossible.

Author Bio:

Mirachelle Canada is a writer, playwright, screenwriter and theatre director/producer from Northern Virginia. She teaches television production at C.D. Hylton Senior High School. 

She earned her Master of Fine Arts in Script & Screenwriting from Regent University and is a member of Act One: Hollywood Film & Television Writing Program, American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), ACFW Virginia Chapter, The Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild, and Your Novel Blueprint.

Mirachelle is passionate about awakening creativity and the gifts of God in everyone. She is currently working on her first historical fiction novel set during WWII, inspired by her time studying theatre education in London, England.

In her spare time, she also writes and directs Christmas and Easter passion plays at Christ Chapel Assembly of God in Woodbridge, VA.

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