Saturday, February 10, 2018

Book Boyfriends: Bonnie's hero

Interview with Lance W. from A Winning Recipe by Bonnie Engstrom:

Bonnie: Hi, Lance. What on earth made you enter a cooking contest? Especially, with a meatloaf recipe?

Lance: I love to cook as a diversion from my job. It’s so relaxing.

Bonnie: But, why meatloaf? And, why a contest?

Lance: Meatloaf is fun, and it’s hard to mess up. You don’t really have to measure much. You can toss in spices by the handful, a cup of onion or a half cup, a bit of this or that sauce, even a package of dry taco sauce mix. Oops! I think I just gave away my best secret.

Bonnie: Mmm. Sounds good. I’ll have to try that. You still didn’t answer why you entered it in a contest.

Lance: Partly because I love competition, and I love to cook. But, mostly, to honor my Aunt Harriett who pressured me so much that she practically filled out the form and mailed it in. I was flummoxed, and she’s such a dear I didn’t want to disappoint her. I never thought I’d make it to the national finals in California.

Bonnie: What is your real job? I know you love competition, so is it in sports?

Lance: That is a secret. Yes, it’s in sports, but a very special peripheral role in sports.

Bonnie: Well, you couldn’t be a basketball player. You’re not very tall.

Lance: Naw. Not movie star handsome either. Notice my hairline?

Bonnie: I do. It’s prominently receding. Does that embarrass you in your ‘special role'?

Lance: Actually, I think it’s a benefit. Being competent in what I do, and not being drop dead gorgeous, makes my clients trust me.

Bonnie: Clients? Are you a promoter for sports figures?

Lance: Can’t say. But, I do think it also helped Kate to trust me, until . . .

Bonnie: Until what?

Lance: Until I almost lost her by deceiving her. I thought I was giving her a wonderful surprise. Guess not. Thank goodness Sandy (her dog) saved the day!

Author Bio: 
Bonnie Engstrom is a multi-published author of contemporary Christian romance. She is also a multi-grandma with six blessings. 

Four of her grandchildren, including twins, live a stone’s throw from her and her psychologist husband Dave. Two live in Costa Rica - Pura Vida - where they surf, even at seven and nine, thanks to lessons from their surfing teacher dad. 

When she and Grandpa Dave aren’t taking the Arizona kids to gymnastics, chess tournaments, Starbucks for after school treats and watching soccer games, she moderates two online prayer chains. They reside on a lagoon where Canada geese flourish every winter, and sometimes a snowy egret. Their two rescued mutts, Lola and Sam, love to chase the geese. Well, Sam does, but even though scruffy Lola is the bossy one, she doesn’t understand the chase part. She still doesn’t know she’s on the cover of the latest book in The Candy Cane Girls Series, Melanie’s Blue Skirt. Won’t she be surprised! Bonnie is a long time member of American Christian Fiction Writers and a Pro member of Romance Writers of America.

Visit Bonnie’s website to see all the grandkids and sign up for her newsletter Life On The Lake to win fun prizes.

She loves to hear from readers, so be sure to email her at with BOOK in the subject line.

You can see her books and the collections she is in on Amazon. All her books are available there (on Amazon) and can be ordered at Barnes and Noble. 

Blurb for Bonnie's book: Need to be in control Kate meets take charge Lance during a National Cook Off in California, and sparks almost fly. How could the sponsors have scheduled the only two meatloaf contestants to share the kitchen at the same time? 

After Kate boldly credits Christ for her cooking success on national television, the CEO of Family Foods professes his faith. Kate’s promotion to Global Outreach Minister at church threatens her relationship with Lance, and she still doesn’t know what he does for a living. But, his personal assistant, Felicity, does. “I know everything.” Lance impulsively buys a house for them without Kate’s involvement, and sparks really do fly, practically putting an end to their romance. “I had no say in it!” 

Hopefully, her Golden Retriever Sandy can save the day when the dog’s soulful, amber eyes approve of the house. “She wants a child in here to play with.” Will these two ever be able to create magic in the kitchen when they’re still trying to figure out the recipe for Happily Ever After?

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  1. Lance sounds like a solid, stable guy. Sure, I'd definitely go out with him if I were still available. I love a guy that can cook! :-)

  2. Since I can't and don't cook - and I love meatloaf - sure! I'd love to go on a date with him.

  3. Lance sounds really interesting, wonder what he was trying to do to surprise his girlfriend?


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