Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thankful Thursday: My Renewed Thoughts on Prayer

“Don't ever stop living for Jesus. The extremely hard days, the beautiful days and everything in between is worth it. It's eternally worth it.” ~Heather Lindsey

It's Thursday and I'm thankful for my renewed thoughts on prayer. 

Sometimes, troubling situations hit you so hard that you wonder, “What’s the point of praying about it anymore?”

I was there, at that point earlier this week and decided to call a Christian prayer line. 

I told them within my first few sentences, “I don’t see the point of praying about this anymore. Nothing’s changing!”

The call specialist did not condone my complaints. She simply said, “Well why are you calling asking for prayer if you don’t see the point of praying about it?”

She got me with those words and I paused. My mind swirled, my emotions raged and finally after like five seconds I realized that not praying about this situation was not a good idea.

“Well I still want someone to pray for me,” I finally said.

Have you ever been there? So deep in a dire situation that you felt like all hope was lost? Sinking so low that you don’t see the point of praying anymore? What’s the point of praying to God to fix a troubled situation if He’s not going to answer your prayers? Especially if it is a situation you’ve taken before the Lord for many years, if not decades?

Oh, but don’t you know? Hope is always part of the picture when you believe in God and trust Him with the outcome.

We may not always understand God’s methods but we can trust His heart. God wants what is best for us and He always hears our prayers, every single last one. Rest assured, God has not forgotten. He’s not ignoring you (Isaiah 65:24). He’ll never leave or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5) and He’s working it all out for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). I believe this to be true because I’ve seen God move in my life and work miracles before, so I trust Him to answer my prayers according to His will. Meanwhile, I know God will give me peace in the process.

There’s a beautiful song performed by Annie Herring. “The Master’s Hand” is the title of song that I want to share with you tonight. This song is a source of encouragement for me and I’ve played it on repeat for the past week. How I found it must be by God’s grace because before two weeks ago, I’d never heard of Annie Herring. But I am so glad that I know her work now. See how God moves? He’s watching out for you even before you know you need Him. He did this for me two weeks ago when I first heard “The Master’s Hand.” God knew I’d need this song this week so He led me to it.

My soul is soothed by the beautiful message about holding onto the Master’s Hand. Annie is talking about God as the Master who holds your hand through every difficult situation in life. The song is about being able to endure whatever comes your way because you are in good hands—the Master’s Hands.

I hope you were encouraged my thoughts on prayer and I hope the sweet sound and lovely lyrics along with Annie’s soothing voice will encourage you to keep praying, keep trusting, keep believing in God.



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  1. God's Grace is a soothing balm. I'm grateful for His promise in Psalm 143:1


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