Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thankful Thursday: The Maker Loves Me

It’s Thursday and I’m thankful that The Maker loves me!

Most of this entire week, direct evidence of God caring for me was revealed in so many wonderful ways! I knew that my post today had to be about this very topic and truth of how the Maker (God) loves me, you, and all of His creation—from the Evergreen trees and your favorite fruit, to you and me—the love of God for His children is beyond words.

So here’s what happened:

On the evening of Monday, Aug. 24, I received an e-mail message from Jennifer Slattery. She sent the message to remind me that my guest post for her blog was scheduled for this week Thursday (Aug. 27) and that she needed my post that day (Aug. 24). 

Now I was totally unprepared—or so I thought because I forgot—but then I remembered the idea that dropped into my mind as I was going to sleep the night before. Facebook “celebrity look-a-like” tests were on my mind because I’d seen a lot of those in the previous week and then the light bulb turned on (I got an idea): Why not write something about how we are made in God’s image? God is way better than a celebrity! So at exactly 12:51 a.m., I typed my thoughts into a notepad application in my phone.

Here’s a snippet of what I typed: “People want to be like stars and so to resemble a star is to be connected to greatness but the God of the Universe made you in His image and He would move mountains just to connect with you! You resemble the Almighty God! It does not get any better than that!” Voila! I remembered this and so on Aug. 24 in the afternoon, about an hour after reading Jennifer’s e-mail, I went to work on writing the devotional about being made in God’s image and I finished within two hours! Would you like to read it? It was posted on Jennifer’s blog today. You can read it here.

My second and final note of thankfulness happened today! I was shopping at one of my favorite stores for the perfect pair of shoes to wear to my brother’s wedding. I went to a store known for its great shoes at low prices first but the shoe(s) didn’t fit. So I visited one more store and found the perfect sandals! They are gorgeous

Now how I found these sandals are where the testimony starts. I searched high and low (quite literally, I went through the entire store looking at all levels of the shelves that made the wall—from the shelves above my head to the shelves below my knees). Just when I was about to give up (after trying on at least five shoes that did not fit my feet), my attention was directed (yes, I believe God directed me) to a few fancy shoes laid out on the floor by a woman who looked like she too was searching for the perfect shoe. A pair of beautiful beige sandals decorated with a gorgeous flower of the same shade, captivated my attention. So I went over to where the lady sat and commented on the sandals. “Oh, you like these?” she said in a tone that made me think she was waiting for me to come over and comment on the beige shoes. “Here,” she said as she lifted one of the sandals off the floor and handed it to me. “Ask him.”

The “him” she was referring to was the sales attendant who stood nearby. I followed directions and long story short, left the shoe store with the perfect pair of sandals for my brother’s wedding! The sandals complement my dress so I am beyond elated!

Wrapping up this Thankful Thursday post, I’d like for you to watch the official video for Chris August’s song, “The Maker.” I am head-over-heels in love with this song ever since hearing it for the first time, earlier this year! I believe when you listen to it, you’ll feel hugged by God because it’s about how much God loves you and will reveal His goodness to you because you are one of His children and He takes care of His own! Read Philippians 4:19.

What are you thankful for today?

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