Monday, August 31, 2015

Devotional by Mary Manners: Under Construction

My dear friend Mary Manners returns to the blog today to share her heart with you! She's written a wonderful devotional called "Under Construction." It inspired me and I hope it serves as a source of inspiration for you too! :)

Under Construction
A devotional written by Mary Manners

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” ~ Hebrews 13:8 (NIV)

My husband and I recently decided to turn our back yard to an oasis with the addition of an in-ground pool. As the backhoes moved in to break ground, scooping the earth into mounds of sun baked dirt that rival Mount Everest, I realized that the pool-building process has a lot in common with the road I’m walking…life.

My life’s journey has been an adventure. As I approach the close of my fifty-first year, I realize how precious each moment has become. My daughter entered college three years ago and we’re in a period of countless transitions. The child I once drove to basketball practice and choir rehearsal now chauffeurs me. I have learned, depending on the day (sometimes even the hour), that I know nothing…and everything.

My husband has retired (well…partially) and that has tremendously altered our daily routine. He’s become the chief cook and bottle washer while I trek off to my day job as an assistant principal at our local intermediate school. I hope to join him in partial retirement (I will always be a full-time writer at heart) within the next few years.

Recently, a college friend of mine sent a photo that was snapped our sophomore year (1982). Looking at the photo, I thought my daughter was staring back at me. Was I ever that young, thin and…unwrinkled? My daughter took one glance at the picture and gasped, “Mama, is that really you?” as if I could have never—possibly—been that smiling young woman in the snapshot. And, after a good laugh, I thought about the passage of time and how happy and truly blessed I am to continue down the path that remains…under construction.

So, when your life journey takes you through a period of transition that seems scary and unsure, remember that God is ever-faithful and never-changing. He is right there at your side, today and always.

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