Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thankful Thursday: I Know Who I Am

It's Thursday and I'm thankful that I know who I am! 

Not what the world tells me I am, I know who I am in God's eyes. God sees me as beautiful, treasured, created in His image, and most importantly, He says I belong to Him (Galatians 3:26).

The world tells young girls and adult women who they are and what they should or should not do. You've got to look a certain way, act a certain way, dress in a certain in-season style, fix your hair with whatever trend is "in" and even speak and move in a certain manner. All of this--starting at a very young age and reinforced by the media, movies, magazines and sometimes your peers and other people you know--can do serious damage to a female's psyche and emotional well-being which is why I am SO glad that I know who I am in God's eyes.

Who I am is simply a child of God, one of His own. I can take solace in the Bible-based truth that God created me, He loves me and I am wonderfully and fearfully made as far as He is concerned. I don't have to live up to an airbrushed beauty standard that dominates magazines and pop culture. I don't have to talk a certain way, act or flatter my way into God's heart. Why not? Because He is my Heavenly Father and He loves me unconditionally.

Guess what? This post is not only for me, it's for you! Yes, YOU. If you are a human being on this planet Earth then the truth according to Psalm 139:14 is, YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made by your Maker who happens to be the King of the Universe (yes, there are other worlds out there created by God, we're not the only ones) and He loves you! Yes, the Creator of the Universe loves YOU and when He looks at you, He sees one of His own. You belong to God. Always remember that truth.

And who better to belong to, to be accepted by, to experience pure and perfect unconditional love from than the Almighty God?

It's a beautiful thing when you are treasured by the King and Creator of all humankind.

Allow these words to soak into your mind. Rest tonight on the truth that even if you don't have an earthly papa, you have a Heavenly Padre (Papa) in God and He will love you forever. God will protect you, He'll encourage you, He'll uplift you with His righteous right hand (Isaiah 41:10). God will send His angels to surround you and care for you. He will rescue you. He is your everything, all you'll ever need.

If you don't already believe in God, I encourage you to do so. Why? Because God believes in you and He loves you with all of His heart. God has amazing plans for your life (Jeremiah 29:11). Trust Him.



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