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Love in is the Air: Watercolored Pearls

Today, I'd like to re-introduce you to a wonderful journalist-turned-author, Stacy Hawkins Adams! 

She's been here before and made quite the impression. Now she's returned for my new blog series with details on one of her books, Watercolored Pearls!

I believe you will love Stacy's books, I recommend all of her work! But today, the focus is on Watercolored Pearls which is Stacy's third novel first released in 2007.

So without further ado, re
ad on to Stacy's feature below...

Watercolored Pearls book blurb:

Watercolored Pearls is the acclaimed third novel of author Stacy Hawkins Adams. The award-winning book was first released in 2007, and in January 2015, Stacy re-released the book with a new cover, and in ebook form for the first time.

What's it about?

Serena, a career woman turned stay-at-home mom, wonders if she has made the right choice. Erika struggles to let go of her abusive past. Tawana, a new lawyer, is trying to pull her life together, but her ambitions keep getting in the way. Three women, each at different places in their lives, find themselves at the same crossroads—looking to God and to each other for answers on how to find beauty in themselves and in their journey.

A page-turning story of how God can use the tragic, the shameful, and the less-than-perfect circumstances of life to create something beautiful.

Reader Review of Watercolored Pearls, written by 
Renee Williams for

There comes a time in life when we all must make crucial choices; critical decisions that will determine the course of our life. And it's during these times that we may find ourselves crying out to God in despair, and yes, sometimes even questioning His infinite wisdom. It is also during these periods that we realize our strength and ability to endure the complexities of life in spite of the obstacles we must face. In Watercolored Pearls by Stacy Hawkins Adams, Serena, Tawana and Erika find themselves in this very situation.

For Serena, becoming a mother was one of her greatest desires, although it took a while for the dream to finally become a reality. Serena's family is now complete - a loving, God fearing husband, and two adorable, yet rambunctious twin boys. Sounds ideal right? Well, even though Serena rejoices at having her prayers answered, at times she's overwhelmed by feelings of doubt about being a good mother, and whether or not she made the right decision giving up the career she loved.

After leaving her abusive husband Elliott, Erika is finally at a point in her life where everything is on track and going smoothly, including having a new love interest. But, confusion and doubt begin to set in when her ex starts sending her letters, asking and hoping for a chance at reconciliation.

Tawana has finally realized her dream of becoming a lawyer. But the skeletons in her closet are dancing, threatening to expose all of her dirty little secrets. Stand firm and face the demons or tuck tail and run is the dilemma she finds herself up against.

As each woman struggles with these personal problems and more, they all come together as a support system for each other. With the help of Charlotte, the executive director of the shelter Erika took refuge in, and a bag of three loose pearls of varying colors, Serena, Tawana, and Erika must each decide the path they will take. Will they choose God's way or their own way?

Once again I'm impressed with Hawkins' latest literary endeavor! Not only is her writing crisp, clear and concise, she has also mastered the ability to create a compelling tale that not only keeps readers interested from the first page to the last, but also teaches some very timely lessons about faith and trusting in God without being overly preachy. It is apparent with each novel that Hawkins has taken time to study and learn her craft, resulting in a quality product each and every time.

*Renee Williams writes for 
All the Buzz Literary Reviews

Watercolored Pearls, book excerpt written by Stacy Hawkins Adams:

Today the tears stopped.

The way her mother looked at her this morning told Tawana if she didn’t pull herself together, she’d soon find herself admitted to a local hospital.

“You’ve been crying for two weeks and you won’t tell me why. Misha doesn’t hear you every night but I do. You’re losing weight, drinking bottle after bottle of wine and using all the tissue in the house. What is going on with you, Tawana? Do I need to call a doctor?”

Mama had ranted before, but today she picked up the yellow pages to find some help.

Tawana dashed over and snatched the book from her.

“No, Mama! I’m fine; I just have a lot on my mind.”

“I can see that, Tawana.”

Ms. Carter extended her hand for Tawana to return the phone book.

“Since you won’t talk to me, you’re going to talk to someone. I didn’t come up here with you to this highfalutin’ place, so this fancy education you’re gettin’ could drive you crazy. Misha needs you.”

She formed a thin line with her lips, but Tawana already knew what her mother was too proud to admit: she needed her too.

Tawana fell to her knees in front of her mother and laid her head on her lap. Sobs wracked her body.

Ms. Carter rubbed her daughter’s back and wept too.

“What is it, Tawana? What is wrong?”

When the tears finally abated, Tawana sat back and wiped her eyes with the heels of her hands.

“I don’t want to talk about it, Mama, but I’m going to be okay. I’m sorry I’ve scared you; it’s just been a stressful time. It’s going to be alright.”

Ms. Carter stared at Tawana, wanting to believe her.

“One of them boyfriends did something to you, didn’t he?”

~ End of excerpt ~

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Author bio:

Stacy Hawkins Adams is an award-winning author, journalist and book coach who weaves tales in fiction and nonfiction that help readers gain confidence in their own stories. 

She has penned eight faith-based novels that highlight women's friendships, personal growth and unconditional love, and one nonfiction devotional book. Her recent novels include "The Someday List," "Lead Me Home" and an anniversary edition of the acclaimed "Watercolored Pearls." 

Stacy also serves as the parenting columnist for the daily newspaper in Richmond, Va. and is a sought-after speaker. Her tenth book is slated for release in fall 2015. Learn more about Stacy and her body of work through her official website,  

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