Tuesday, December 10, 2013

31 Days of Prayer: Why I Choose Jesus

Talking with a friend tonight about relationships made me aware of this fact: I choose to share Jesus with everyone I know because I love Jesus for all He is and all He's done in my life and in the lives of the believers who surround me. 

You may be wondering how I reached this realization. Let me clue you into the conversation, no details just what you need to know: My friend, we'll call her Sasha, talked about how you often have to share the person you're in a relationship with other people. Now she does not mean share in the context of cheating. She means that even the person you're dating or are married to has other roles--they are somebody's son, somebody's brother, somebody's friend--and so you have to share them in that sense. Next, she drove her point home with this statement, "I mean you share Jesus with EVERYONE, Alexis!"  Please note I do NOT consider myself as "dating" or "married to" Jesus Christ. But as a believer, I do consider myself in a saving relationship with Jesus Christ as being one of God's children. 

So when Sasha reminded me that I share Jesus with EVERYONE which I do through my writings and by spoken word, it resonated with me because while I know that telling people about Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and Best Friend comes naturally to those who have a relationship with God, I never really thought twice about telling others about Jesus.  I mean it just happens like every day without me thinking deeply about it. 

When Sasha told me that I share Jesus with everyone, her statement made me think of why I chose to be in a relationship with Jesus Christ, why I love Him with my life and why I choose to tell everyone I know and do not know about Him: It's simply because I love Him and when you love someone, you feel that you have to tell the world! It's like having a secret of HOPE and LOVE and GRACE and MERCY and gratefulness that you simply cannot keep to yourself! Why, those are the very things this world needs! We need HOPE! We need Love! We need God's Grace, mercy and blessings to cover us every single day of our lives. We need hope that after the curtain closes on human history that does not have to be the end to our life story. We need to know that when you have faith in God and follow His Son Jesus Christ that you WILL see your loved ones who died in Christ, once more when Jesus returns to Earth to take His faithful followers home and that Bible-based truth brings me HOPE. It's a beautiful truth that reminds me of God's Love, Grace and Mercy that's kept me and continues to keep me.

So yes, I choose Jesus and YES I want to continue telling the world about Him and Yes, I love sharing this good news, this gospel truth with every single soul I know and have yet to know.

They say people will know us by our love for God. And I think, what better way to be known? :)

Jesus died for me, rose again and lives forever like literally! We serve a RISEN Savior the Bible says and He's very much involved in the affairs of this world today. He's accessible 24/7/365 through prayer. We do not need to go to anyone to talk to God. We just need to pray in the name of Jesus and God will hear us.

Here's food for thought:

Guess what? Jesus loves you! And he's not keeping you a secret. He intercedes on your behalf to God every time you ask for forgiveness for your sins and mistakes. Because of Jesus conquering death for you, you have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to heaven. You just have to believe and then live like it! And part of living like you've been redeemed by God's unfailing love, the part that comes most naturally, is telling the world! If you're still a bit too shy to speak up don't worry-- the closer you get to God and the more you come to know and love Jesus speaking of Him will come as naturally to you as breathing.

Let's pray for people who are afraid to take a stand for Jesus Christ. Let's pray for God to give these people courage and to increase their faith in Him. May God's love fill their hearts. May God's peace cover their minds and May God's glory that came into their life story bring others to Jesus Christ.

God bless you!

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