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Movie Review: The Hopeful

My Review of The Hopeful (movie)

Today, I have another movie review for you and a giveaway contest at the end of this post! Momentum Influencers Network asked me to watch an early screening of a new movie they are promoting: The Hopeful.

Here’s the synopsis of The Hopeful with words from Momentum:

William Miller’s faith is in ruins. After miraculously surviving a fierce battle in the War of 1812, Miller questions why God spared him. His search for wisdom leads to an astonishing prophesy: The world is going to end!

The Hopeful unfolds as a story of a man burdened with the knowledge of Christ’s return. Miller’s message resonates with some—even as it is scorned by others. When a young woman named Ellen Harmon listens to one of his sermons she is transformed. And through her witness the message begins to take flight. The preaching grows beyond prophecy and develops into a more holistic vision for how Christians should live and worship.

We see blossoming the seeds of a new global movement of faith—the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Hopeful is the true story of a community whose lives were transformed as they learn what it means to truly wait for Jesus. This sweeping drama, set in 19th century New England, invites audiences of all ages to imagine how hope can change the world.

Now for my review:

The Hopeful is a movie that was inspired by real-life events.

Bill Lake plays the role of William Miller who survives an attack on the battlefield that should have resulted in his death. He’s astonished and curious to know why he’s still alive. So he turned to studying God’s Word (The Holy Bible) and this begins his journey of faith as the Holy Spirit leads him to all truth according to Scripture. However, he misunderstood some of his readings that convinced him Jesus Christ was going to return in 1844 to take His faithful followers home to Heaven. Passionate about his discovery but conflicted, Miller was reluctant to share this idea as well as other teachings that were more accurate. It took his wife to convince him to share it. But once he starts sharing it, the news spreads like wildfire as he travels to preach about it.

A young lady named Ellen Harmon (later married to James White and known as Ellen G. White) listened to one of Miller’s sermons and her life changes forever when she realizes that God is not only a Judge, He is Love. And it is His Love that inspires Ellen to tell the world about Him through her own writing and speaking inspired by God who gives her visions that the Seventh-day Adventist Church is known by such as the health message (practicing a plant-based diet, daily exercise and lifestyle choices that promote optimal health for the human body) and the keeping of Saturday as Sabbath (based on Exodus 20:8-11).

Tommie-Amber Pirie played the role of Ellen G. White who was an American author and co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Pirie’s acting skills are superb! She stayed in character throughout the entire film and portrayed Ellen with grit, grace and elegance.

Stephen MacDonald played the role of James White who was Ellen’s husband. I like how the producers told their love story. I also appreciated seeing how applying the health message saved his life after he suffered a stroke and enabled him to live many more years in good vitality.

Even though Miller was wrong about the date of Christ’s return (Note: The Bible says in Matthew 24:36 that only God knows when He’s sending Jesus Christ back to Earth to take His faithful followers home to Heaven), I thought it was inspiring to see how that great disappointment led to a movement that birthed the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Overall, I think this film deserves five stars! Everything about it was well-done, engaging, inspirational and educational. I hope you will see it in theaters on April 17 or April 18.

More words from Momentum:

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Final Notes:

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