Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Devotionals for the Heart: When you learn how to find comfort in silence

The Comfort of Silence
A devotional by Tessa Huckstep

“Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.”—Psalm 46:10 (KJV)

There is something beautiful about the comfort of silence.

I love just sitting in the car with my sister or a friend and simply enjoying the other’s company without having to say anything unnecessary or forced. It is in this place of familiarity where I am most relaxed and able to be myself.

Comfortable silence is a special feature reserved for those who are closest to us. When we are with our family and close friends, we don’t feel the need to fill in the pauses in conversation. A lull in conversation with friends who understand us, does not evoke us to sift through our thoughts for something to say or ask.

Oddly enough, as Christians, we don’t invite God to enjoy this special feature of comfortable silence with us. This past Autumn, I dove headfirst into a deeper relationship with God. It felt like He was speaking to me through everything, about everything…until He wasn’t.

There were days, sometimes weeks, where God did not say anything. He was silent. Naturally, I drowned myself in a spiral of negative thoughts. What have I done wrong? Why isn’t God speaking to me anymore? Maybe I did something to upset Him. I should pray more. I should read my Bible more. God, please say something. Anything. Can He even hear me?

After months of back and forth—from God’s speaking to His silence—I attempted to find the formula. I thought that maybe since I was reading my Bible more, God would be pleased with me and speak to me more often. Or I thought that if I prayed for a whole hour that day God would dramatically make Himself known to me. Like a vague acquaintance, God’s silence made me uncomfortable, and I wanted to fill the pauses in conversation. I wanted my time with God to mean more, but I didn’t know what that looked like.

I listened to a podcast about the desert seasons in our life when God is silent and investigated other great resources on the topic. Slowly, I came to realize the truth behind God’s silence. I did not do anything wrong. True, sometimes we willingly run away from Him and ignore the Spirit. Sometimes, we do things that grieve the Spirit, and we create a breach in the relationship. But I wasn’t running away from God. In fact, I was running toward Him, and when we diligently seek God, He always reveals Himself to us.

God was not upset with me for failing to read a whole book of the Bible in a day. He simply wanted me to be still—to still my movement, my thoughts, my assumptions. He wanted to meet me without words. He wanted to sit with me in the silence and simply enjoy my company. Take a moment and consider how humbling that is, dear reader. Sometimes, God simply wants to join you in the silence and enjoy your company. Because He loves being with you.

God’s silence is a gift. When we are given this gift of silence it proves our growing relationship with Him. He promises to never leave us. His silence is not evidence that He is not present, but rather, evidence that He is becoming a closer friend to us who can share in and enjoy the silence. God wants to meet you in the silence, dear reader. Learn to be still. Learn to know Who He truly is. Learn to enjoy the silence.

Let’s Pray: Dear Lord, thank You for these seasons of silence. Often, we become discouraged or frustrated when we believe You no longer hear our prayers and answer only in silence. Allow our relationship with You to deepen to the place where we find comfort in simply being still and knowing who You are. You are our Savior, our Comforter, and our Friend. Bring us to the place of contentment and acceptance of silence. Help us to find comfort in Your silence. In Jesus’s Name I pray. Amen.

Note from Alexis: Tessa’s devotional message today reminds me of the song “Be Still and Know” by Steven Curtis Chapman. Listen to it here.

Author Bio:

Tessa Huckstep grew up in rural Illinois to Christian parents and has known Jesus personally since the age of five.

She is currently attending community college and majoring in elementary education. In the future, she plans to teach in the public school, hoping to bring the love of God with her.

God’s dream of Tessa becoming a writer was revealed to her at the age of sixteen and she hasn’t been able to stop since. Though she has not yet been published, Tessa enjoys writing historical romance novels and speculative fiction.

Tessa believes God loves stories, and through her writing, she wants to reveal the happily ever after God dreams of for each of his daughters—one where Jesus is the knight in shining armor.

Tessa loves all things Georgian/Regency, needlework, and dainty teacups of every size. When she isn’t writing or studying for exams, Tessa can be found in the kitchen with more flour in her hair and on the floor than in the mixing bowl, though the mess is always half the fun!

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