Saturday, September 14, 2019

My thoughts on "Sweet Inspirations"

Dearest Readers of my "God is Love" blog,

Earlier today, I rewatched a favorite movie of mine called Sweet Inspirations.

It’s available for viewing on PureFlix, which is the Christian version of Netflix. 

PureFlix is a wonderful platform that is filled with inspirational content for you to view and most of the material there is guaranteed (in my honest opinion) to be amazing!

Sweet Inspirations is one of their most amazing stories yet! I loved watching this movie for the second time around and loved sharing it with my Mom.

Here’s an interview with the star of the movie, Cassie Self: 

I’d like to encourage you to watch Sweet Inspirations too and share this movie with a friend or family member. It will inspire your heart!

Continue reading this blog post for my favorite lines from the film then if you can, go watch the movie! 

Listed below are my favorite lines from Sweet Inspirations ...

“Is crazy contagious?”

“Have any of you quilted a prayer blanket or done a house blessing or a bake off? I mean, outreach programs do make a difference but sometimes we have to stop asking the community to come to the church. Sometimes we have to get out from underneath those prayer blankets and take the church out into the communities because that is where the real difference is made!”

“Maybe this was His plan all along.”

“We both need to remember that this is not our burden to carry alone. Believe me, I have wrestled with God over this issue many nights. And I don’t think there’s any sort of easy answer. But He’s bigger than any debt. He’s bigger than any injustice. We just have to believe that He’s in control. All we should ever do is seek Him first. Surrender this.”

*Note from Alexis: Toward to the ending of the movie Sweet Inspirations, the main characters who are best friends, prayed together. I believe that is one of the sweetest scenes in the entire film. 

Here’s what the star of the story said when she prayed:

“Dear Heavenly Father: I don’t know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it. As hard as it is to believe, I trust You. I trust that You have something far greater than anything we can think of or do. God, these girls at the shelter, they need you right now. Please, God, pour out your love and your blessings on them during this very dark time. And above all, Your will be done. Amen.”

Those were some of my favorite lines from the movie but I believe that other lines that the characters speak may inspire you too! So don't delay, watch Sweet Inspirations today!

It is a truly special movie with a message that will resonate with your soul, uplift your spirit, and encourage your heart.

God bless you, your heart and your home.


Alexis A. Goring
Founder of "God is Love" blog

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