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Interview with Joy K. Massenburge about "A Heart Surrendered" (book)

Join me in welcoming Joy K. Massenburge to the blog today!

She's a pastor's kid, pastor's wife, mother of children, and a talented author.

Today, she's here to talk about her new novel, A Heart Surrendered, that released yesterday!

She's also agreed to give away one copy of her book! Enter the book giveaway contest via the Rafflecopter widget toward the end of this blog post for your chance to win Joy's book.

This is the cover for Joy's book:

Isn't it lovely?

Learn more about Joy and her book in the author interview feature below...


Interview with Joy K. Massenburge about her book, 
A Heart Surrendered:

Why did you write this book?

Have you ever been in a church service and saw that one person and asked, what’s their story? I’m a PK, a preacher’s kid, who’s spent her life people watching. I can’t help it. Being the romantic I am, I put people together in my head, answering the “What if’s.”

Alexis: What is the significance of your book title, A Heart Surrendered?

Joy: This romantic tale asks the same question Jesus asked of the rich young ruler. Would you forsake your treasures here on earth for all that I have promised you in heaven? Okay, that’s not verbatim, but you get the point. For Sharonda, it was the one memory she held dear and refused to see it as wrong. To release that one treasure would mean, we trust… we love… the one who asked for it more than anything. That’s the picture of a heart truly surrendered.

Alexis: Tell us about the heroine of your story, Sharonda Peterson. What is she like?

Joy: Sharonda is smart. A bit in rebellion so her snide remarks spoken under her breath can be funny. She is loyal to her parents, family, and church work even when she resents it.

Tell us about the hero of your story, Carl Ray Everhart. What is he like?

Joy: Carl Ray is a heartthrob who’s tired of the fast life he’s been living. Imagine confidence, swagger, and talent walking in the room. Total alpha male.

Alexis: Why does Sharonda think that finding comfort in Carl’s arms was a mistake?

Because he left her behind to chase his real love, acting and singing. She’d given him her best, mistaking their one night to be more than it was.

Alexis: Why does Carl want to be an actor and singer?

Joy: Carl Ray, hadn’t always been the heartthrob. He started out the pimpled, skinny kid who had one thing he was good at. Singing in the school choir opened the door to acting. Sharonda was a friend when no one noticed him. Sharonda introduced him to her talented older brother and he helped launch Carl Ray’s career.

Alexis: Why does Sharonda want to focus only on church service and solitude rather than facing her pain?

Joy: Sharonda has accepted that the life she dreamed of will never be. She feels she owes God for the thing she did, so she’ll make up for it with church deeds. Then there are the health issues that threaten the peace in her home, so she takes on work to ease her parents’ burdens. Solitude is her safe place. Working hard has its reward and she’s too busy to feel her pain, or face her pitiful life.

What makes Carl want to leave the spotlight and his adoring female fans to pursue Sharonda’s heart?

Joy: Nearly losing his life, Carl Ray soon realizes none of those things fulfill the gaping hole in his life. He was alone at the hospital. He was alone during his recovery, except for a few nurses. All of his best memories were in Longview, Texas, with his church family…with Sharonda.

Alexis: What is it about Carl that Sharonda cannot forget, making him hard to resist?

Carl had a way of making her feel she could do anything. He looked at her in a way that made her believe she was the only one in the room, transfixed by her beauty. He listened as if she said the most profound things. With him, even if only at that moment, she was special.

Alexis: Why is Carl drawn to Sharonda and willing to fight for her affection?

In the beginning he is set on making his wrongs right. Championing her, he is reminded of the friendship he’s missed. Her pending engagement also helps him to realize he doesn’t want to see her with anyone else. Then there are his own abandonment issues that make Carl Ray want to fight for her as he wished his loved ones would have done for him.

If you were a professional counselor with Carl and Sharonda as your clients, what would you tell them to help them heal their wounds and trust each other again?

Joy: Healing begins within first. I would direct them to journal their questions to God.

1. God, why did you create me?

2. What is my purpose?

I’d assign scripture reading. Then I’d have them to list everything they feel God did not do in a, “I don’t trust you because…” format. I’d try anything to get the communication lines open again. Only God can heal. Once we’re healed, we can begin to trust and open up enough to share our true hearts with others.

Alexis: What do you want readers to remember most about A Heart Surrendered?

God is worth us surrendering all to Him. His plans for us are far greater than anything we hold dear. With that relationship in the proper place, we are able to love others and receive love.

Alexis: Thanks for the interview, Joy! 

Author Bio:
Joy K. Massenburge crafts contemporary love stories of pastors and their kids. She was born the sixth child of a pastor. She married a football player turned pastor…they raised pastor’s kids: a son and two daughters.

During the week, she works as an assistant to a CPA. She serves as American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW East Texas) chapter’s President. 

She is the audio voice of Beatrice “Mama B” Jackson in Michelle Stimpson’s Mama B Books series. 

When she is not writing or recording, she is speaking at retreats and conferences throughout the East Texas area.

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Connect with Joy:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorJoyMassenburge/
Website: https://www.joykmassenburge.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joymassenburge/

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