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Love is in the Air: Love Doesn't Make the World Go Around, God Does

Inspirational Romance Novelist Shannon Taylor Vannatter is here today as part of a blog tour where she will share details on her newest novel Rodeo Reunion (released June 1) and offer you a chance to win a copy of her book! 

Please pay attention to the book giveaway details in this message from the author Shannon: Here’s something special to commemorate the Heartsong Presents line since it’s ending this month. Comment to enter the drawing for a copy of Rodeo Reunion. Ten copies will be split among names drawn during the blog tour from June 1st – July 1st. One winner will receive a baseball themed memory board personally crafted by the author. Winners will be revealed on the author’s blog on July 22nd. 

Let's be clear (a note from Alexis): Shannon is doing a blog tour where she's a guest on 14 different blogs, including God is Love. 
The list of all the stops on the blog tour is found toward the end of this post on Shannon's blog. After the blog tour is over on July 1st, Shannon will choose 10 individual winners from all 14 of her guest posts on all of the blogs she visited. She will also select a winner for the memory board pictured below:

Shannon will post a list of all the winners on her blog by July 22. She will contact the hosts of the blog tour to get addresses for winners.  So please remember to include your e-mail address when you leave your comment at the end of today's guest post here on my blog God is Love.

Got it? Sounds fun, right?

Now onto Shannon's guest post here on my blog where she shares why she loves writing romance novels. Shannon will also educate us as to why God, not love makes the world go around! :)

Remember to leave your comment and e-mail address at the end of this guest post.

Love Doesn't Make the World Go Around, God Does
A guest post written by Shannon Vannatter

When I was a teen, my mom checked out clean romances from the library for me. I lived each romance vicariously through the heroine and fell in love with each hero. So in 1999, when I finally realized that story playing in my head was a book, of course it was a romance. I set out to write a clean romance, but as I wrote, my characters kept talking to God and I let them.

After I finished the book and started trying to find a publisher, I realized there was a Christian Romance genre, which was in its infancy then. Once I knew there was a market for what I’d written, there was no stopping me. Though it took me almost ten years to get published.

My critique partner says writing is like playing paper dolls on paper. I was a Barbie girl myself, so I prefer playing Barbie’s on paper. It’s a lot of fun to make characters do what I want them to. In real life, people often ask for advice, but they don’t follow it. In my fictional world, I get to control characters and force them to follow my guidance. And voila, their lives turn out great.

I try to wrap life lessons in my fictional tales since women often think that life will be perfect if they can just meet Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, that love makes the world go round. I write Christian romance to show that love doesn’t make the world go round, God does. Only with a commitment to Christ and putting Him first in everything, can we expect love to withstand the trials of this world.

I also think Christian Romance novels are a great witnessing tool. Hand a non-believer a Bible and they probably won’t read it. But if they’re a romance reader and you hand them a Christian Romance, they might. In the weaving of my story, my character’s journey, triumphs and trials, I try to show a better life is possible. A life based on God.

So with each story I write, I hope to steer young girls to get things right with God and don’t settle for a non-believer, entertain Christian women and deepen their walk with Christ, and give them a great witnessing tool to pass on to non-believing friends.

Author bio: Central Arkansas author, Shannon Taylor Vannatter is a stay-at-home mom/pastor’s wife. She lives in a town with a population of around 100, if you count a few cows and once climbed a mountain wearing gold wedge-heeled sandals which became known as her hiking boots. Vannatter won the Inspirational Readers Choice Award in the short contemporary category, The 18th Annual Heartsong Awards 3rd Favorite New Author and #1 Contemporary Award. 

She has ten published titles and is contracted for five more. Her books are available at,,,, and

Book blurb for Rodeo Reunion:


And Slade Walker's not a likely candidate. Even if the former major league pitcher just agreed to coach her son's little league team. The single mom can't risk everything on a bronc-riding chaplain who's only passing through Raquel's small Texas town.

Slade is taking a hiatus from the rodeo circuit to meet the sister he never knew he had. But the pretty widowed nurse next door is making him think twice about hitting the road again. He can't turn his back on the cowboys who need him, but Raquel and her boy need him, too. Can Slade fulfill his calling and finally find a place to hang his hat?

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    1. Hi Deana, thanks for stopping in. I'd be honored for you to read my book.


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