Monday, May 18, 2020

Romantic Reads: The Introduction

Dear Reader Friends,

I'm delighted to share the news of my brand new series, "Romantic Reads!"

Romantic Reads is a book promotion series that is purposed to promote sweet romance stories written by Christian authors in a way that will warm your heart and help you get to know Jesus Christ who loves you with ALL of His Heart and His Life! He thinks you're worth dying for (John 3:16)!

Visit my blog every Tuesday (starting this May 19, 2020) for a new installment of this series. Every Tuesday, I'll feature a Christian author and their sweet romance story. We'll promote their books through your favorite features like author interviews complete with book giveaways, and other fun features such as a preview of their stories and a glimpse behind the scenes such as guest posts about how and why they wrote their book!

I hope that this new, ongoing series will be a blessing to you!

May the Lord (God who is the Creator of the Universe and humankind) bless you, keep you and give you peace.


Alexis A. Goring, MFA
Founder of "God is Love" blog

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