Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Devotionals for the Heart: Singing

A Song
A devotional by Julia Wilson

“The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in His love He will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.” 
– Zephaniah 3:17 (NIV)

Wow … this is one of my favourite Bible verses. I love the image of God as a Mighty Warrior and also one who will draw near and sing over me … and you.

When I was very small, my Dad used to put me to bed and every night he sang "Edelweiss" over me. My Dad sat on the bed and drew close to me and sang just for me. To this day, I cannot hear "
Edelweiss" without remembering my Dad singing to me. It is "our song."

Can you imagine God singing over you? What song would He sing? Can you picture the scene … lying in bed and the Almighty appears. He sits on the edge of your bed, looks you in the eye, smiles and begins to sing your special song. How do you feel? Do you feel warm? Loved? A sense of belonging?

Songs are powerful. We hear a song and it transports us back to a moment in time. What songs do that for you? I cannot hear “Candle In The Wind” without remembering the very lovely Princess Diana’s funeral. When I hear “You’re More Than A Number In My Little Red Book,” I am transported back to the 1970’s and I am watching speedway with my Dad and brothers.

Imagine what God thinks every time He hears your special song. He thinks of you. He pictures you. And what about you? Every time you hear yours and God’s special song, do you think of Him and smile? Do you feel that overwhelming sense of love and belonging?

Zephaniah says "God delights in us." Stop and pause for a minute … The Almighty God delights in you! Wow! He sees you. He hears you. He loves you. He delights in you.

When I delight in my children, my heart swells and I just love them for who they are. Imagine how much greater God’s love is for you.

Songs are used in worship.

When we sing, we are tapping into something that is higher than us. I have been known to be singing worship songs in my kitchen when suddenly I ‘feel’ an overwhelming sense of love for God. I know I have to get down on my knees and worship Him right where I am. I can worship with a smile on my face and joy in my heart.

Sometimes worship is so overpowering that I sing with tears streaming down my face, though I am not crying. In worship we draw closer to God. When we are upset, it is important to worship too. As Casting Crowns say, "I will praise you in the storm."

Whatever season of life we are in, songs will draw us closer to God. I have lost count of the number of times I have sung “Blessed Be Your Name” when my heart was breaking.

In summary, songs are powerful. They transport us to a moment in time. We all have special songs that mean something to us. Imagine God having a special song for you that transports Him to thinking of you every time He hears it.

As we close this devotional, I'd like for y0u to remember these words in James 4:8a (NIV): 

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." 

God bless you!

Author Bio:

My name is Julia Wilson but I also go by Christian Bookaholic.

I live with my husband and five cats in a small town in Worcestershire on the banks of the River Severn (England). We have four grown up children and three granddaughters.

I have always loved reading and have always been surrounded by books. I used to work as a teaching assistant for special needs in the local high school. Ill health forced me to stop working in December 2015. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (known as M.E.) and fibromyalgia. I now have plenty of time to read and review books!

Our eldest son set up my Christian Bookaholic blog. I review every book I read. I read over 300 books a year. I read Christian and mass market. I prefer stories set from 1850 onwards. My favourite type of books to read is stories set in WWI and WWII, and Russia under Czar Nicholas II.

I am a historian, having a Combined Humanities degree where I majored in History and minored in English. I also love swimming. I only learned how to swim in 2017 and go swimming four mornings a week for 90 minutes before breakfast, it keeps my joints going.

I am also a crazy cat lady. I absolutely love my cats. I have grown up with cats and cannot imagine life without them. My dream is to own an old fashioned seal point Siamese … but not while we have our young rescue cat as she hates other cats!

I love God and love going to a large lively church called Lifecentral. I cannot imagine life without God. He gives a peace even when life does not. He guides my life. He is my Rock.

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