Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Devotionals for the Heart: What Jesus Christ Gave Up to Save Your Soul

He Gave Up Everything
A devotional by Carrie Del Pizzo

“For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you by his poverty might become rich.”
 – 2 Corinthians 8:9 (ESV)

He had it all. As God, Jesus Christ had a whole lot more than just a cool chair in the throne room. Heaven is described as having streets of gold and continual bright light radiating from God. Jesus had ultimate power that created the universe and brought down nations. Crowds of angels sang his praises without stopping. Best of all, he was with his Dad all day, every day.

And then one day, he gave it all up. Instead of being the Son of God, he became the son of a blue-collar carpenter and an average Jewish girl. Instead of gold streets and perfect light, he was born in a barn in the dark of night. Instead of ultimate power, he became a helpless baby. Instead songs of worship, he faced angry critics and crowds shouting for his death. And worst of all, he left his Dad’s house, suffered a beating that would kill any other man, and hung on a cross as his Dad actually turned his back.

Why would he do that? Why would he endure the depths of poverty and degradation and pain and shame when he could have said, “Forget this. I’m out.” He could have hopped off the cross and called down an angel army to obliterate the human race. Why did he give up everything? So he could hang out with you.

Because of our dirty sin, we can’t be near God, but He still loves us. If He wanted to continue to have a relationship with the children He loves, He had to make a way for us to enter his presence. Jesus gave up his riches and power and comfort to clean off our sin and hand deliver our invitation to his house. He’s having a big party that will last forever and wants all of us to come celebrate with Him. We get to enjoy the gold streets, bright light, angel choirs, and the presence of our loving God because the Son was willing to leave it all behind.

That’s how much he loves you and me.

Let’s thank Jesus today for enduring dirt and darkness and pain so that we can join the eternal party at his house and know his boundless love.

Author Bio:
In this world of texts, memes, and emojis, slowing down to truly communicate can feel like straining a muscle you haven’t exercised in far too long.

Seventeen years of business experience across a variety of industries has taught Carrie Del Pizzo the fine art of professional communications.

Partnering with corporate executives and entry-level employees alike, she has written and edited major project proposals, direct marketing pieces, sensitive client communications, employee handbooks, and user manuals.

Carrie’s love of literature and story has led her to develop and exercise her fiction writing skills as well. Aside from her personal creative efforts, she also edits for self- and traditionally-published authors and enjoys writing short dramas for church presentation.

Carrie is a wife, mom of three Americans and host-mom to numerous exchange students. Italian-by-marriage means she loves to cook and eat. She lives in Spokane, Wash., with her hilarious family who keep her in stitches and provides piles of material for great stories.

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