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Fall into Love: Vanessa Riley's story

Metals, My Marine and Fire
A Fall into Love story by Vanessa Riley

Never joke about improbable circumstances. They just might come true.

I was working on my doctorate at Stanford. My field was the sexy world of martensitic transformation of metals. Yes, hard stuff (that was a joke for all the scientific nerds out there as Martensite is the hardest state of metal on the Brinell scale—I digress). I had dreams of using this laser driven technology to revitalize the metal die cast industry. I was not thinking of marriage. I wasn’t worried or bothered by it. My aunts differed on this opinion. Mama too.

So, my ever-meaning friends or family would try to set me up with a good catch. The last time that happened, I met a stalker who was convinced God said I was the one. I politely told him that I missed that dispensation from on High. I developed a clever motto to stop repeat occurrences, a personal motto. If God showed Moses a burning bush, surely, he could give one to me. That seemed to cool off most suitors and friends. Who could come up with a burning bush and not set off California wild fires?


Then, what had happened was…I met a Marine reservist—tall, handsome, perfectly grounded in the Word (of God) who worked on metal planes for United Airlines—catnip. We went out on a date. He’d chosen a restaurant that had a fire pit. He sat on one side, I on the other. As he’s telling me about his job working on big triple seven aircrafts, I see a burning bush. The flames of the pit reflected upon his glasses and the irises of his chestnut-brown eyes. Red and gold flames seemed to leap across his face, as how a bush would burn but remained uncharred.

But God.

I remember thinking to myself, half-praying silent prayers in my head, so this is the one. Not bad. You got me, God.

My metal-loving military husband celebrated our twenty-first anniversary this year in August and I still melt a little in front of a roaring fire.

Author Bio: 

Vanessa Riley worked as an engineer before allowing her passion for historical romance to shine. A Regency era (early 1800s) and Jane Austen enthusiast, she brings the flavor of diverse peoples to her stories. 

Since she was seventeen, Vanessa has won awards for her writing and is currently working on two series. 

She lives in Atlanta with her military man hubby and precocious child. 

You can catch her writing from the comfort of her southern porch with a cup of Earl Grey tea. 


Book blurb for No Hiding For The Guilty (Heart of a Hero) (Volume 5)

What if superheroes were mortals who lived and loved during the Regency? The Heart of a Hero Series tells all. The military leaders of the fraught Almeida Siege are dying, but not fast enough for a chef with a grudge to bear and axes to sharpen. 

Using her position as cook to the famed inventor, Lord Hartland, Isadel Armijo learns that one of the butchers responsible for slaughtering her family will sup at Hartland Abbey at month's end. The chef is determined to serve the guilty man his last meal, one with a cake possessing a controlled detonation so she can watch him die. Only one person can teach her how to whip eggs with black powder, Wellington's hulking explosives expert, Hugh Bannerman. Can she persuade the recluse to return to society to help avenge her family with a dessert to-die-for? 

With his soul in torture for the lives his actions have decimated, the hulking Hugh Bannerman is convinced his sins have manifested into leprosy. As the surviving member of his family, how can he take his place in society knowing his uncontrollable anger increases the spots discoloring his skin and puts others at risk? No, he’ll remain in hiding until the Almeida Killer finds him or the incorrigible chef Isadel causes too much trouble, concocting a deadlier course, one part hope, a sprinkle of crazy, and a maddening sauce of desire.

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  1. Real life romance stories are always better than fiction! I think Vanessa’s is proof of that. No matter what we can conjure up in our imagination, reality always trumps that! Loved hearing her real-deal love story. :-)


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