Friday, February 12, 2016

Words of Faith: Award-winning Actress Jenn Gotzon shares her story

Following your heart vs. being Lead by Divine Inspiration (God)
A Words of Faith story by Jenn Gotzon

When I was a teen, my passion ignited for cinema. I wanted to be an actress in lead roles to inspire and impact viewers’ lives.

My journey began after I accepted Jesus and believed that He is real and my personal Friend, Lover of my soul, Guider of my dreams and the Savior of my life. I would pray and vision would appear on my soul. I would step out in blind faith with my eyes on the vision provided by God, leaping over the ocean waves crashing around me.

I always wanted to be a dancer in Disney World. So I flew down to Orlando, Fla. with two dimes in my pocket, a pair of rollerblades and the vision God put on my heart. I asked for talent, favor, a home, food, a vehicle and a job. God provided each one. I truly saw God in action. It takes our ability to STEP out in faith.

As an adult, I see my logic entering into decisions. I pray for wisdom and seek the peace that surpasses understanding in my direction. I have to be quiet, still and get into a space mentally in prayer, reading Scripture, listening to praise music and journaling. I then visualize Jesus with me. Sitting by me. And I talk to Him. I know that may sound looney tunes, though it is true. I truly experience the providential love from Jesus Christ looking at me as His bride saying, “I am with you. I will never leave you or forsake you. Trust me. Do not fear for I go before you. I will lead you. Trust Me. Go and be Strong and Courageous. Seek Me. Ask Me for wisdom and I will give it to you.”

Recently, the logic, strife, anxiety, stress, advice and tension that arose around a recent job offer was suffocating me. During prayer, a peace settled my soul providing direction to go the opposite way my logic and business team advised. I am stepping out in faith and within hours I’ve already experienced fruit with restoration of relationships, friendships, hope, life, love and creative vision. Finally, I can breathe again. I recognize these attributes as fruit as I begin the beginning steps of playing this character in this new movie.

Life is a series of moments in a great drama. We can choose to make it a comedy or a tragedy. God allows us to choose by our thought life. James 1:2-8 says that we are to “count it all joy” when challenges arise because it allows us to have opportunity to grow in endurance of character. The endurance comes from God commanding us to ask/pray/seek wisdom. Wisdom comes from Godly divine intervention. Pray and step in faith!

Bless you all!


Jenn Gotzon

Author bio: Jenn Gotzon is an award-winning actress whose career was launched with her portraying Tricia Nixon (former U.S. President Richard Nixon’s daughter), in the Oscar-Nominated movie, Frost/Nixon. Since then, Jenn is known as an American leading lady who seeks roles in movies that have redemptive storylines depicting humanity in its truest form who find hope in the climax of the story.

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