Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Worth 1,000 Words: Caroline Logan Photography

Mr. Cameron and Mrs. Alexandra Roberts on their wedding day
Photo credit: Caroline Logan Photography 
Welcome to the final feature for my "Worth 1,000 Words" series! It's been an adventure, wouldn't you agree? And now you can always visit my Summer 2015 archives to find wedding photographers who you can recommend to friends and family who are ready to get married! If you're not married yet then when you get engaged, you now have a lovely resource within this "Worth 1,000 Words" blog series!

Today, we're featuring beautiful photography from Caroline Logan, a destination wedding photographer who photographed her first wedding at the young age of 14! She's quite a brilliant, determined and wonderful person to know.

Enjoy getting to know Caroline today! Read on for details.

What loves means to Caroline Logan as a wedding photographer: 
While I’m not yet married myself, I’m so grateful for the strong examples of God-centered marriages I’ve been able to look to. I’m especially thankful for my parents who have always taught me that marriage is not a point to be reached, but a process to be nourished. I believe marriage is a lifetime commitment and I am just as excited for my couples to celebrate day ten thousand and one of their marriage as I am about day one!

With that in mind, I believe wholeheartedly a photographer’s job spans beyond perfect composition, nailed exposure, or a technically flawless image (although that’s certainly important too). I feel that the foundation of what I do is to capture a joy-filled and genuine connection between a bride and groom that tells an authentic story of who they are together in that moment…so they can look at the images years down the road and feel it too. This is my heart and something I feel so incredibly passionate about.


Photographer bio (in Caroline Logan's words):
Caroline Logan, photo credit: Anna K. Photography
I’m Caroline Logan, a wedding photographer, adventurer, story-teller, and believer in love. I like to think I’m a Southern girl at heart, although I was born and raised in the land I’ll always love and find most dear: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. 

I started this journey at the ripe old age of fourteen when I took a crazy leap and photographed my first solo wedding. (Yikes, I was just a baby…I know!) I’ve come a long way since those early days in business, and today, have the joy and privilege of waking up each day to pursue my dream, pouring my heart into work that is truly my passion!

I’ve gotten to travel across the country photographing weddings, attending conferences, and meeting incredible people and it has truly been the greatest of adventures. However, for me, it has been the relationships I’ve built with each one of my sweet and amazing clients that has been the biggest reward that has come from running my own photography business. I truly feel so blessed and grateful to be welcomed into my clients’ lives, to learn their love story, to share in their joy, and to celebrate with them as they make this amazing marriage commitment!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me and this sweet couple! Love what you're doing with this series, Alexis, and I'm so honored to finish out the summer! Xo

  2. Happy to host you today, Caroline! :) It's good to hear that you loved this "Worth 1,000 Words" series. Thanks for closing it out with your wedding photo feature. God bless you! :) *Jeremiah 29:11*


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