Saturday, January 31, 2015

True Love Stories

Dear Readers of God is Love,

I am delighted to tell you about a *new* feature coming soon (like tomorrow) to my "God is Love" blog-- true love stories!

Starting tomorrow (Feb. 1, 2015...Eastern Standard Time because yes I know it's already tomorrow in Australia), real-life married couples will share their journey with you of how God brought their significant other into their lives and orchestrated their true love story! 

Now these special guest posts are not limited to only married couples, single people are welcome too because I believe that before you can meet and marry the person of your dreams, you need to first be a complete person in your relationship with God. So my single guests who are not yet engaged or married will share the story of their true love relationship with Jesus Christ and the peace it gives them as they wait for their true love who God made for them to marry.

But that's not all, there's a book review and author interview in the works! Author Gina Welborn wrote the book, Masterpiece Marriage for the Quilts of Love book series and my review of her book will go LIVE on my blog tomorrow morning, Feb. 1.

Gina will also be our special guest on Sunday, Feb. 8 when she will be featured on my blog by means of an author interview. So please stop by two weeks from now to learn about Gina as an author of Christian romance, a woman of faith and former script writer for a news station. Yes, she's one multi-talented lady and I believe you will be inspired by her faith journey and God-given career.

Especially exciting for me is the news that a very well-known, inspirational lady whose blog inspires thousands of people on a daily basis, will contribute her true love story to my blog here toward the end of the month! And to find out who exactly this talented writer is...well you'll just have to keep visiting my blog every day to discover the answer! :)

But honestly, you will want to visit my blog every day next month because it's going to be a wonderful experience for young adults and the elderly too!

So here's to embracing the sweetness and wonder of Valentine's Day, for the entire month of February through the celebration and sharing of true love stories about real people who believe in the God who not only created them but created their soul mate and orchestrated their love story in a way that's second to none!

Be blessed.



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