Sunday, August 26, 2012

Exciting news for you!

Dear friends,

I have an exciting new feature coming soon to my blog, "God is Love"! :)

The feature is....*drum roll*...GUEST POSTS! :) I am sure most of you who visit blogs on a daily basis are very familiar with guest posts! For those of you who may not be, a guest post is simply when the creator of a blog asks someone they know or admire to be a guest on their blog through writing something for the creator of the blog which is then posted on the creator's blog. So in my case, my blog is, as you can see, "God is Love" and I have invited a few remarkable writers--some that I personally know and some that I admire and met through blog world-- to write a guest post on my blog! And I am blessed to learn that most so far have said "yes"! :) As you can see, I am so excited about this exciting news and I hope you are too!

If you are not excited yet, I'm sure you will be once you start reading the guest posts because these writers you're about to experience are amazing in their own wonderfully unique ways! Writing is their passion and connecting with people through words is what they do best! My writers come from all walks of life-- male, female, married with (or without) kids, single, building (or settled into) their careers, homemakers, you name it, I plan to bring it! :) And I bring it to you with the hope and prayer that their written works will both inspire, encourage and uplift your mind, heart and soul to experience the compassionate heart and character of God who loves you as one of His own children. :)

So stay tuned! :)



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