Friday, April 6, 2012

A Glimpse of Heaven

Dear friends,

Today is Good Friday and Christians everywhere are called to remember the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and we take heart in knowing that Christ didn't stay dead! No! He rose from the grave on the third day and He (after visiting his disciples to prove that he was alive and encourage them to continue to tell the world about His love and free gift of salvation, an order otherwise known as "The Great Commission") ascended to Heaven and serves as our High Priest and Mediator between God and humanity. 
Because of God's love, and Jesus Christ's sacrifice, we ALL have the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ and receive the promise of eternal life.

"The whole point of the Cross is that you're going to fail and you're going to stumble and you're going to feel dirty and you're going to feel awkward. The whole POINT of the Cross of Christ is there be this mighty picture of His love and pursuit of you despite you. So the cross is necessary because of you but it's also the picture we have of just how far God is willing to go because He loves you. You've got to understand God's DEEP and ABOUNDING LOVE for you." -- Excerpt from voice-over in YouTube video "True Love- Phil Wickham (With Matt Chandler & CJ Mahaney). 

Dearest child of God, If you remember nothing else in this Easter holiday, may you always remember this simple truth-- GOD LOVES YOU and HE is coming again to put an end to sin with all the damage it causes and usher His faithful ones into eternity.

So on this Easter holiday and always, I pray that you who know Jesus Christ will remain faithful and true to The One GOD who loves you most, more than you could ever imagine...and if you don't know Jesus Christ yet, I pray that you will come to know Him and see firsthand how He is in the very heartbeat of man...May you experience His love, His grace, and His mercies that are new every morning...May you come to know Him as your Lord, Savior and Truest Friend...and may you accept his gift of salvation so that when your life on this earth comes to an end, you have hope that you will see the promise of forever when He comes again in those great clouds of glory to usher His faithful followers into eternity.

God bless you, dear hearts, on Easter and always! :)



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