Thursday, March 29, 2012

The beauty of simplicity and pure passion

Dear friends,

After seeing that video, I'm sure you see why I put it before my written message today. :)

Charlotte and Jonathan exemplify what true friendship means in a world that judges books by the cover and chooses to associate with who and what the world calls beautiful. Only "beautiful" isn't always what's on the outside, TRUE beauty lies within the heart. :) 

The Bible says, "People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart" (1 Samuel 16:7).

I find it amazing how the audience, by the looks they gave when the camera captured their reaction to seeing Charlotte and Jonathan before they sung, were obviously expecting nothing from the duo because let's be honest, some may think the duo looks, at first glance, like what mean people on a nice day would label "misfits". BUT when they SANG, especially when JONATHAN sung...oh WOW...this time when the camera panned to the audience, they were all in SHOCK, some even CRYING openly and at the last note of the performance, they ALL-- professional panel of judges included-- rose to their feet to offer a much deserved STANDING OVATION to the amazing duo Charlotte and Jonathan. I may not have been in the audience on the reality show Britain's Got Talent to witness this unprecedented performance live but at home via my computer, I was moved to tears. It was so beautiful and so reminiscent of the fact that we should NOT judge! We've all got problems. Nobody is perfect. Everybody has their own burden to carry in this life and you never know what somebody's going through. Above that, you never know that true talent that someone you'd LEAST EXPECT has buried deep inside...a talent that if shared, can change the world. :) 
Not a sermon, just a thought. ;)

All the best to you and yours, dear blog readers!



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