Sunday, March 27, 2011

Learning to trust God

Dear friends,

I've been thinking, "Why is it so hard to trust God?"

I mean, I trust in so many simple things in life daily...I trust that when I flip the switch, the light will come on...I trust that when I walk into a building, it will not crumble (due to my confidence in its structure and the expertise of the architect)...I trust that when I sit in a chair, it will not break...I trust that the floor I stand on will not suddenly give way...and I trust that when I turn on the water, it will flow out into the sink effortlessly.

So why then, is it so hard to put my faith into practice and trust God on the bigger things in life?

God has promised that if He takes care of the sparrow (which He does, faithfully), surely He will take care of you!

So here's a song by Pastor Donnie McClurkin on this very subject of trust. May it inspire your hearts to draw close to God as He will draw close to You and help us all to learn how to trust Him for everything (simple or complex) in this life.



P.S._ Here's the video:

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